Seventh Grade Life Science

Mr.  Franczek


            Welcome back to Willoughby Middle School.  Another promising and exciting year awaits you as you prepare to move forward in your education.  As your science teacher, I want to make this year for you as a Willoughby Warrior a successful and fun-filled year!  One of the best ways I know of accomplishing this, is for you to keep a friendly attitude and do your best with your class work.  Yes, we will be dissecting preserved specimens later in the year, and some of the specimens which you will be studying are the earthworm and frog.  Please read the following list of class rules very carefully and practice them everyday.


1.      Be on time to class and be prepared for the days acivities.  Upon entering my room you should go directly to your seat and get your science materials ready to start class.

2.      Hand in all work on time!  Written assignments must be ready at the beginning of class.

3.      It is your responsibility to ask for missed worked when absent.  You will have the amount of time your were absent to make-up any missing assignments.  The assignments are posted on the chalkboard. 

4.      Raise your hand and wait to be called on before talking.  This is the only way to participate in my class.

5.      You must put your name on all assignments.  Any work with no name will be discarded, and no grade will be given.

6.      Do your own work.  Your name on your paper signifies that it is your own effort and not of someone else.  Persons involved in cheating will receive a zero for that assignment with no opportunity to repeat the assignment.

7.      There is absolutely no talking during quizzes or tests or you will receive a zero for that assignment.

8.      Homework will be checked and graded on a random basis. 

9.      Materials need for class:  a pencil, notebook, a folder with pockets, assignment book, and a COVERED  Life Science textbook.  (Textbook must remain covered all year.)  All assignments are to be written in assignment books for the entire week.

10.  Remember, the districtís adopted grading scale is:


100-93                         A

92-84                             B

83-71                             C

70-63                             D

62-0                                 E


11.  DO NOT chew gum, eat food, talk with other students during class, write or pass notes in class.  Do not throw anything or litter the classroom.  Do not touch the property of others.  Punching or shoving other students will not be tolerated, and there will be no writing on desks or applying make-up.  Students misbehaving during class will be dealt with severely.  The misbehaving student prevents the remainder of the students from learning.

12.  The teacher will dismiss you when the bell ending the class is rung so you      

      may hear any future assignments or announcements.




1.                  Verbal Warning

2.                  Morning or Afternoon Detention (optional writing assignment)

3.                  Office Referral (5 step plan)

4.                  Severe Clause:  Fighting or insubordination will result in an immediate referral to the office.


If you have any questions, feel free to contact me before school, or leave a message at 975-3609.


One final reminder to students and parents!  If the student is to succeed, he/she needs an environment in which to study that will be away from all distractions: radio, TV, stereo, etc.  These tend to compete for their attention.  If at all possible, make sure they have a quiet, well-lighted place to work.  Take an interest in their work, and discuss it with them during family time.  It is important to them, and it lets them know that you care.  The homework hotline number is 975-3614.  It is highly recommended that the student and the parents use our class web page on a regular basis. 

The web address is:


Students will receive an average of four homework assignments per week.  Homework will not be given on the weekend or holidays, however; an assignment may be given on Wednesday and be due on Monday.  Homework is assigned to enhance and enrich the studentís understanding of their daily class work.  The best way to help your child do well in school is to support them by offering your help, interest, and encouragement.  Emphasize that the responsibility for the work is their own, but offer to help them study.  It may be beneficial to assist them in organizing their time and supplies.  At this point in time, it is extremely important to encourage study habits that will lead to consistent and successful completion of homework.  Success on homework is not just a result of student effort, but a combined effort of student, parent, and teacher.


It should be noted that in the event that there is a substitute teacher, all classroom rules and procedures will remain in effect!  Students will be expected to conduct themselves in a courtesy and appropriate manner. 


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