Volleyball Unit


Grade Level(s):   Grade 6     Grade 7     Grade 8    

Subject Area(s):   Physical Education and Health    

Duration: 2 Weeks

Detailed Plan

Volleyball Unit




1.    Students will demonstrate and understanding for the basic rules for the game of volleyball.

2.    Students will demonstrate the technique for the basic skills of volleyball ( serving, bumping, setting, spiking, and rotating).

3.    Students will understand the rules and terminology used during a volleyball game.

4.    * Students will understand the safety rules used in the gym for the volleyball unit.

5.    Students will demonstrate good sportsmanship and cooperation with teammates, other team and teacher.

6.    Students will master a written test on rules and technique given at the end of the volleyball unit.


Safety Rules for Volleyball:

1.    Roll the ball back to other side when changing possession.

2.    NO kicking the ball back to other side or court.

3.    No hanging on net or pole before or during volleyball game.

4.    Students must have proper equipment and shoes to play.

5.    Keep hands to self during game.

6.    Be aware of the game at all times.

7.    Students must show good sportsmanship at all times.


Rules for Volleyball:

1.    Game played to 25 points

2.    Game won by a margin of 2 points.

3.    Rally scoring to speed up games. Either side may score at any time during the game.

4.    The ball is allowed to hit the net on the serve.

5.    (Gym Modified Rule) the ball is allowed to hit the roof on your side during the rally and hit over the net if within the 3 hit maximum.

6.    3 hits per side are allowed.

7.     An individual is allowed 2 hits during a rally, but they canít be consecutive.

8.    Front row rotates to the right, middle row to the left, and back row to the right.

9.    Server will rotate to the front left corner.

10.Server may hit the ball over or underhand.

11. Touching the net is not permitted.

12. The server must serve from behind the black line.


Skills Taught:

1.    Bump- Used when the ball is below the shoulders( locked wrists, straight arms, contact on flat part of arms)

2.    Set- Used when the ball is above the shoulders. ( create a window, push ball with fingers not palm, bend knees, push towards target)

3.    Spike- Donít touch the net ( Straight up, snap wrist down and back so you donít contact net)

4.    Serving- Overhand or underhand

5.    Rotation- front row (right), Middle row ( left), Back row (right)



1.    Groups ( bumping the ball keeping it up as long as they can by ( bump only)

2.    Groups (bumping and setting) keep up.

3.    Line to line serving (overhand or underhand)

4.    Bumping the ball in the basketball hoop with someone tossing the ball. Same drill with setting.

5.    Rotating Drill



Modified Games:

1.    Get the garbage out of my backyard.

2.    4 square volleyball.

3.    keep the ball up.

4.    Modified volleyball with beach-balls and larger lighter balls.




1. test on rules, skills, techniques, and terminology at the end of the unit.