Grade Level(s):   Grade 6     Grade 7     Grade 8    

Subject Area(s):   Physical Education and Health    

Detailed Plan








1.     Students will participate in volleyball demonstrating an understanding of the rules, objectives, terminology and player positions and responsibilities.

2.     Students will execute the basic skills of the sport in simulated or modified game situations.

3.     Students will identify and demonstrate basic concepts of offensive and defensive strategies.

4.     Students will demonstrate good sportsmanship and cooperation toward teammates, opposing players and teachers.

5.     Students will master techniques, skills, and concepts of volleyball.



1.     A game is played to 25 points.

2.     The game must be won by a margin of two points.

3.     Rally scoring is either side may score off of the serve.

4.     A match consists of 2 out of 3 games.

5.     The ball is allowed to hit the net on the serve.

6.     No more than 3 hits per side are permitted.

7.     An individual is allowed two hits but not two hits in a row.

8.     There is a front, middle, and back line.

9.     You may serve overhand or underhand.

10.                        A ball falling on the line is good.

11.                        If a teammate hits the ball out of bounds, it is still playable.

12.                        Touching the net is not permitted.

13.                        Before serving in volleyball you must wait for the whistle from the net judge.



1.     Bump- Used when the ball is below the shoulders.

·        Set- Used when the ball is above the shoulders.

2.     Spike – Don’t touch the net when spiking.

3.     Serving- Overhand and underhand.

4.     Rotation – Front row will rotate right, middle row will rotate left and the back row will rotate to the right.



·       Group of 5-6 bumping the ball keeping it up as long as they can

·       Same drill used with setting and bumping.

·       Two lines for spiking. The teacher will set the ball up for the students to spike it. After the students spike the ball they will retrieve the ball and get back in line.

·       Try to set or bump the ball into the basketball hoop, with a person tossing the ball under the hoop to the bumper or setter.



·       Get the garbage out of my backyard.

·       Four square volleyball.