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SECTION 1:    PowerSchool (PS)      PowerTeacher (PT)


SECTION 9:   Pupil Services

A ATTENDANCE A. Authorization Forms:
1 Attendance Codes                Under Construction    1)  Auth. for School Psych. Services    
2 Attendance Report with Comments                NEW 9/7/18         2) Eye Exam Parent Letter                                           
3 Attendance Reports                               3) Eye Exam Data Collection Form                                     
4 Attendance Report - Detailed Student                                4) Translator Procedures              
5 Attendance Modifications                                5) Request For Interpreter Form   
6 Attendance - Multiple codes for one day                                     6) To Comm. with Outside Agencies/Individuals   
7 Attendance - Perfect Attendance Report           7) To Release Educational Records 
8 Time Duration Clock    8) To Rel. Health Info. from Health Care Providers   
9 Excessive Absence Letter                        
10 Habitual Truant Letter                                   
      C. Dept. of Jobs and Family Services Form         Rev'd 9-24-18   
B COURSES and GRADING             
1 Add/Drop class in PowerSchool    D. Discipline                                                  
2 BTS Section - Adding new                                                      1) In-School Suspension/Elementary & High Schools            
3 Course Enrollment Dates                                                         2) In-School Suspension/Middle Schools                               
4 Course Catalog - How to Export to Excel                                  3) Notice of Intended Suspension                                         
5 Course Request Worksheet Instructions               4) Out-of-School Suspension/Elementary & High Schools      
6 Course Catalog - Activate a Course                         5) Out-of-School Suspension/Middle Schools                       
7 CTE Programs and Courses                              Rev'd 5/30/18     6) Suspension and Intent to Expel/Elem & High Schools       
8 Elementary - Course Master                                 7) Suspension and Intent to Expel/Middle Schools  
9 Elementary - Entering Student Grades                                      8)  In-School  Alternative Disc. Program/Middle & HS  New 10-24-18                                     
10 Elementary - Changing Student Grades                              E. Home Instruction                                           
11 Elementary Master Schedule Worksheet                                 1)  Home Instruction Guidelines
12 Enroll student in course at another school      2)  FORM: Parent Request for Home Instruction
13 Entering grades Using "Transfer" courses     3)  FORM: Home Instruction Information for Parents
14 FAIL a Pass/Fail course - How to Code                                  4)  FORM: Release Personal Info. from Health Care Provider
15 GPA Worksheet                                                                      5)  FORM: Authorization to Communicate with Agencies
16 Percent of Time Calculations for HS students          6)  Letter to Physician                                                     
17 Secondary - Entering Grades for OOD Staff (2 methods)                7)  FORM:  Physician's Report
18 Secondary - Entering Final (F1) Grades (3 methods)                       8)  FORM:  Referral for Home Instruction                      
19 Lead and Co-Teacher Reporting                 9)  Short-Term Home Instruction Responsibilities
         10)  Long-Term Home Instruction Responsibilities
C MISCELLANEOUS        11) FORM: Teacher's Notification of Short-Term Home Instruc.
1 Addresses                                                                    12) FORM: Teacher's Notification of Long-Term Home Instruc.
2 Building IRN Numbers                                                 13) FORM: Teacher's Notification of Intermittent Home Instruc.
3 Parent Portal User Guide                       14) Letter to Parent From Tutor                                           
4 PowerNotes                                                      Rev'd 4/5/18    15) Tutor Worksheets and Logs                                     
5 Substitute Login Instructions                                                    16) Time Sheet 
6 Daily Bulletin                                                                      
F. Home Schooling    
D SCHEDULING      1) Definitions
1 Scheduling-Course Master                                  Rev'd   2/9/18      2) Procedures                                                           
2 PowerScheduler - Student Requests                                               3) Intent Form                                                               
3 PowerScheduler - Students without requests                           G. Lake Academy Application                                                   
4 Removing Scheduling Requests                                      H. Surrogate Parent Procedures
5 Viewing Teacher Recommendations                                             
I. W-E Schools Safety Screening         Rev'd 11-13-18                                        
E POWERTEACHER J. W-E Schools Safety Contract            Rev'd 11-13-18                                         
1 Accelerated Scores (Entering and Printing)                                 K. W-E Transition Plan                            Rev'd 11-13-18                                       
2 Interim Comments                                M. Work Permits
3 Copying Assignments       1) Secretary Instructions
4 End-of-Semester Notes      2) Student Instructions                        
5 Elementary Report Cards - Grade/Comment Entry             3) Full Time/Withdrawal Work Permit
6 Elementary Report Cards - How to Print                             4) Work Permit - part 1
7 Personal student note/add custom column                    5) Work Permit - Phys - part 2
8 Publishing assignments/grades to Portal                           N. 504 Plan                                                             
9 Running Final Grade Report   To use fill-in forms below: 1) RIGHT click on form name; 2) Click on,
10 Teacher Recommendations                                     "Save Target As..." and save to your directory; 3) Open MS Word and
11 Quarter Grades Complete Process                                    open the(se) form(s) that you saved. Use the tab key to move between
12 Entering Grades from another district                                 the fillable fields.
F REPORTS     1) Parent Notice Booklet
1 Class List setup and Student List Setup       
2 Class Rank Spreadsheet                                                    
3 Eligibility Report

SECTION 10:    Records       

4 Exporting to Excel       
5 GPA Cumulative Reports                                                    A. Contents of Student Permanent Record Folder   Rev'd 5-14-18
6 Lunch Counts     Lunch Status   B. Schedule of Records Retention & Disposition   
7 Next Year Student List                                                          C. Student Records Policies - 5811/5811.1/5811.2   
8 North/South in classes at NCI                            
9 OGT -  Passing Test Report                                                      
10 Section Readiness Report                                                  
11 Specific Grades Report                                                            
12 Student Alerts (Guardian, Other, Medical)                           
13 Student Fees Owed Report                                                 
14 Students Missing Schedule                    
15 Youngest in Building (to MS Excel) 

SECTION 11:    Registration

16 Course Enrollment Tally               A. Authorization to Release Information  
17 Graduation Pathways Progress Check                  NEW 4/18/18   B. Certification of Residency  
C. Student Enrollment Change Form   
G STUDENT SPECIFIC D. Emergency Form                                         
1 Assessments -  Grad Pathway Adjusted Points        3/8/18    
2 Assessments - Entering Test Records               F. Health History Form
3 Discipline Directions                                               Rev'd 9/27/18 G. Immunization Report.Form 
4 Discipline Codes                                                                         H. Oral Assessment 
5 FS Tab - Admitted From/Withdrew To IRN                            I. Physical Exam 
6 FS Tab - IRN Numbers                                          10/23/18 J. Power of Attorney                                                
7 Graduates - How to Code                                     K. Residency / Registration Verification   -Notarized   
8 Graduation Pathways                                 L. Residency Verification Form
9 LEP Native / Home Language Codes          M. Request For Additional Documentation For Regis/Residency Sample Letters -                             
10 OGT or EOC - Entering SpEd Exemptions                                   1) Procedures for Registration Requirement   Rev'd 9-13-18
11 Pre-Registration Guidelines                              2) General Residency Letter #1                    New 9-13-18
12 Race / Ethnicity Codes                                                          3) Stronger General Residency Letter #2    New 9-13-18
13         4) Questionable Residency Letter #3           New 9-13-18
14         5) Does Not Live In W-E #4                           New  9-13-18
15 Transferring Students (all scenarios)               Rev'd 8/3/18      N. Homeless
16      1) Student Residency Form                                            
17 Withdrawal_Enroll Guidelines from ODE     Updated 7/6/18      2) Advocate for Missing Enrollment Doc.                          
18 Withdrawal Codes             

SECTION 2:    Computer Services (Inservices, Misc.)

SECTION 12:    Special Education

A. How to Contact Tech Support                      Rev'd 9/7/18  A. Eye Exam Letter to Parents                                                     
B. Laptop                                                             B. IAT Form - Elementary                                    
    a. Wireless Setup using Intel Proset Software C. Student Summary of Performance
    b. Wireless Setup using Windows Configuration D. ESY - 1 Team Worksheet                                                    
    c. Change Proxy Settings E. ESY - Guidelines                                                                
C. Monitor Settings                                               F. ESY - 4 - Authorization                                                        
D. SIRSI Check Digit Calculator  G. ESY - ESY-3 Progress Report                                             
      H. Restraint and Seclusion Procedures
H. Text Aloud Quick Reference I. W-E Documentation Report Form        
    J. Physical Restraint Report Form           
  K. Staff "Coping" Form (used following physical restraint of a student)
    L. Student "Coping Form" (used with student following restraint/seclusion)


M. Seclusion Report Form                          
A.  Start of Year EMIS Guidelines FY 2018             N. Staff "Coping" Form (used following seclusion of a student)
B.  EOY EMIS Guidelines FY2018                              
C. Ohio Dept. of Education    
D.  EMIS Manual      

SECTION 13:    Transportation

SECTION 5:    Forms for Staff Use

A. Alternate Bus Stop Request Form              

Emergency Bus Pass  

      1) Classified (Secretaries, aides, Computer Services) C. Blank Bus Pass                     Rev'd 8/13/18                             
      2) Custodian/Maintenance D. Special Transportation Needs Form    
      3) Food Service E. Student PO Box Information -  Go to Sec 1C-1 Misc Addresses
B.                              F. Student Address Information - Go to Sec 1C-1 Misc Addresses
C. Change Notification Form (Name, Address, Phone) G. Using Bus Watch Software to view Video           
D. Classified Pay Authorization at Higher Rate    
      1)  General Information                                        
      2)  Authorization Form - Bank                            
      3)  Authorization Form - WESCU Credit Union       
F. Employee Injury Form                                                         

SECTION 14:    Withdrawal / Transfer

G. NEW Staff: A. Elementary Transfer Report Form                    
     1)  W_E Acceptable Use Policy                B. Withrawal Procedures        Rev'd 4-12-18
     2)  LGCA User Policy                                                 C. Withdrawal Checklist           Rev'd 5-03-18
     3)  New Staff Form     D. Withdrawal/Transfer Form
  E. Withdrawal Flowchart  
      1)  See Section 15 - A 21
I. Overnight/Out of State Fieldtrip Request Form             

SECTION 15:    Treasurer's Office        

J. Salary Reduction Request Form 403b/457     Rev'd 8-9-18                         Email to Payroll should be sent to:    payroll.department@weschools.org


Approved TSA Provider List      Rev'd 6-26-18 A. TREASURER OFFICE MANUAL
         (Instructions for completing and processing paperwork)
L. STAFF EVALUATION FORMS         1.  Treasurer's Office Manual                                  
    1) Classified              a) Amendment to the Treasurer's Certificate      
    2) Teacher              b) Transfer of Funds Worksheet                      
    3) Guidance Counselor        2.  Returning Material
M. Tax Form:  Federal Withholding W-4 (See Section 15, #14a)            a) Materials Returned to Vendor Form
        3. Petty Cash
N. Tax Form:  Ohio Withholding IT4   (See Section 15, #14b)             
            b) Request for Reimbursement FORM                      
O. TIME SHEETS             c) Petty Cash Voucher FORM   
    1) Certified Staff - Elementary         4. Change Fund
    2) Certified Staff - Secondary       5. A-D: Depositing Money and Refund Request
    3) Additional Hours - Classified             a) Cash Deposit Form                                     
      4) Sick Leave             b) Checks for Deposit Form                                
    5) Personal Leave              c) Credit Card Payments & Receipts 
    6) Mechanics Additional Hours Time Sheet             d) Depositing Coin Fundraisers 
    7) SRO Time Sheet        6. Academic Student Fee Policies & Procedures 
    8) Class Overload - Elementary      New 4-23-18               a) Fee Template Letter  2017-2018 
      9) Class Overload - Secondary       New 4-23-18               b) Fee Receipt 2017-2018     
          7. Student Charge Record Form Instructions
P. Supplemental Contract Form                    8. Unpaid Fees & Other Money Owed to District
Q. Personal Service Contract Form                              9. Checks Returned by the Bank
R. Completion of Supplemental Agreement Form                    10. Summer School Tuition Payments
         11. Building-Use Instructions  
T. Tuition-Free Enrollment Form (for children of employees)          (2018-2019              a) Application for Public Use of School Building
U. Use of Public School Building              b) Facilities Use Fees                                              
                 c) Building Use Invoice    

SECTION 6:   Student-Use Forms

     12. Discarding Financial Records
A. Internet Use Consent Form                  a) Inventory Disposal Request/Record
B. Intra-District Transfer Application (High School)               13. Field Trip Cost Estimate Worksheet       NEW 8/3/18
C. Intra-District Transfer Application (Gr K - 8)                     14. Employee Withholding Forms                        
D. Statement of Residency (over 18)                 a) Tax Form:  Federal Withholding W-4 
E. Intra-District Elem & MS - Approved                                    b) Tax Form:  Ohio Withholding IT4  
F. Intra-District Elem & MS - NOT Approved                  15. Payroll Time Sheets
G. Intra-District Elem & MS - Approved
(Child moves during School Yr)
              a)  Payroll Schedule  -  2017-2018    2018-2019
H. Intra-District High School - Approved                          16. Leave Forms Instructions
I. Intra-District High School - NOT Approved                         Links to Forms in Section 5 - Forms for Staff Use
         17. Gifts and Donations                                      
         18. Sending Mail to Treasurer's Office         
                   a) Treasurer's Office Routing List    Rev'd 7-30-18

SECTION 7:    General Information

     19. Requisition Form 
A. Attending Home IRN Indicators (Out-Going Students)      20. Postage Stamps                   Rev'd 9-17-18                        
B. Calendar - Staff Begin/EndDates      2018-2019        7-23-18                 a) Mail Request Form                                  
C. Calendar -  Monthly        2018-2019      21a Mileage & Travel CY 2018       Rev'd 10-08-18
D. Grading Schedule 18-19  Elementary  Secondary      10-11-18      21b Mileage & Travel Oct 2017      
B. Treasurer's Tips                                                 
    C. Fiscal Procedure for Student Activities Advisors
      2018 Student Activity Form           
2019 Student Activity Form             Rev'd 11-07-18
SECTION 8:  Personnel                                      
A. Contracts (available on internal network only) D. Schedule of Record Retention                                                          
     1) Buildings and Grounds 2016-2019 Contract              E. New Vendors
     2) Food Service 2016-2019 Contract                                  1.  W-9 Vendor Letter                                     
     3) W.E.C.P. 2016-2019 Contract                2.  W-9 Form                                       
     4) W.E.T.A. 2016-2019 Contract                                 

SECTION 16: Clinic Information and Forms        

B. FMLA (Family Medical Leave Act)                                   A. Policy 5411
    1) Willoughby-Eastlake FMLA Policy B. Gen. Medication Admin. Record Form (MAR)   
    2) Employee Request for FMLA Leave Form C. OTC (over-the-counter) Adm. Form                                    
    3) FMLA Notice of Eligibility D. Asthma Medication Adm. Records (Part I & II)                        
    4) FMLA Leave Designation Notice E. Asthma Self-Carry Inhaler Agreement Form
    5) FMLA Cert. of Employee's Serious Health Condition F. Allergy Care Plan (Part I & II)
    6) FMLA Cert. of Family Member's Serious Health Condition G. Auth. for Student Possession/Use of Autoinjector
    7) FMLA Cert. of Exigency for Military Family Leave H. Diabetic Action Form                                                           
    8) FMLA Cert. for Serious Injury for Military Caregiver Leave I. Diabetic Individual Health Plan           
    J. Epinephrine Autoinjector or Severe Allergy MAR (Part I & II)    
C. Highly Qualified Teacher Toolkit (HQT)  K. Seizure Action Plan                                                              
         HQT Core Courses - English, Lang. Arts, Reading, Science,   L. Medication Documentation Record (MDR)
         Math, Arts-Visual/Music/Dance/Drama, Foreign Lang., M. Medication Inventory Record (MIR)    
           Government, Civics, History, Economics, Geography,
         Social Studies
N. Medication Incident Report
  O. Activity Restriction Form
    P. Student Injury Report
   Q.  Lice Letter (Child)       Lice Letter (Class)
  R. Legal Immunization Exemption Form     
  S. School Vision  Referral Letter             New 11-09-18
  T. Referral Letter Follow-up                     New 11-09-18
  U. Color Vision Letter                               New 11-09-18
  V. Vision Screening Waiver                    New 11-09-18
  W. Eye Specialist Report                         New 11-09-18