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Wordsearch Generator Screen Shot [View Page]
Print word searches from custom word lists. Includes options to change padding content and grid layouts.


Letter Mash Screen Shot [View Page]
Find a letter, blend or number within a mass of random characters. Pre reading or scanning activity.

Literacy Fans Screen Shot [View Page]

Make your own literacy fans to support word building and phonics activities.


Onset and Rime Tiles Screen Shot [View Page]
Make onset and rime tiles from your own text for word building activities.


Handwriting 1 Screen Shot [View Page]
Generates a selection of sheets to support pre-writing activities.


Handwriting 2 Screen Shot [View Page]
Pre-writing, fine motor activities using a selection of shapes and line patterns


Handwriting 3 Screen Shot [View Page]
Make custom handwriting sheets for tracing work with a choice of size and style of font


Word Scrambler Screen Shot [View Page]
Creates anagram worksheets from wordlists to support spelling and phonics work.
Follow Me Cards Screen Shot [View Page]
Enter words or numbers to make loop cards for literacy and numeracy games.


Literacy Dominoes Screen Shot [View Page]
Make custom sets of dominoes typing your own words, letters or numbers.


Connectives Tiles Screen Shot [View Page]
Make tiles with connective phrases from your own text.


ABC Links Screen Shot [View Page]
This generator creates random alphabetic fragments and gaps.


Alphabet Cards Screen Shot [View Page]
Prints ABC game cards with a choice of 2 words and pictures.


Large ABC Cards Screen Shot [View Page]
Prints large alphabetic word and picture flash cards.


A Apple Pie Screen Shot [View Page]


Word Cards Screen Shot [View Page]
This generator prints game and flash cards from a user defined word list.


Literacy Dice Screen Shot [View Page]
Make large dice, type your own custom letters, numerals and other characters