Time Lines

  1. African American History Timeline; 1852-1880, 1881-1900, 1901-1925
  2. America During the Age of Revolution - 1764 - 1775, 1776 - 1789
  3. America on the Move - explores the role of transportation in America’s history (drag the timeline to see different time periods)
  4. American History timeline posted by the Smithsonian
  5. American Music - 1640 to 2000
  6. Art History from the Metropolitan Museum of Art
  7. Art timeline
  8. Berlin Wall
  9. Calendar Timeline - Timeline of interesting calendar facts
  10. Civil War - Time Line of The Civil War: 1861, 1862, 1863, 1864, 1865
  11. U. S. Civil War (includes links to many photographs)
  12. A Chronology of U. S. Historical Documents - (pre-Colonial to present)
  13. Dust Bowl timeline from PBS
  14. Fashion - 1858–2000
  15. The Face of Russia traces the general chronology of Russian culture. This remarkable journey through ten centuries of art, architecture, music, dance and cinema reveals the major events that shaped Russian culture. An excellent time line is provided.
  16. Food Timeline - Ever wonder what the Vikings ate when they set off to explore the new world? How Thomas Jefferson made his ice cream? What the pioneers cooked along the Oregon Trail? Who invented the potato chip...and why? Food is the fun part of social studies! You might also want to check out the Culinary History Timeline.
  17. The Great War - This interactive timeline will allow you to trace the history of the Great War (WWI). (from PBS)
  18. Growth of a Nation - This 10 minute presentation of the growth of our nation from 1789 to 1959. Click on a decade number at the bottom to see an expanded timeline of that decade. This is a fantastic overview.
  19. Holocaust Timeline - (from 1933 to 1961)
  20. HyperHistory - Online version of a great wall chart
  21. Indonesia - (from about 100 AD to current)
  22. Interactive Historical Timelines from WhoWhatWhen. This site contains a database of people and events from 1000 A.D. to the present. With this site you can create graphic timelines of periods in history and of the lives of individuals.
  23. A Time Line of Mathematicians - posted by School of Mathematics and Statistics at the University of St Andrews, Scotland
  24. Mathematics timeline
  25. McDonald's (Yes, the Golden Arches people!)
  26. Medieval History Timeline - (from 800 to 1499)
  27. Millenium - 1000 years of History - Experience the people, events and achievements that have shaped the world. Timelines, in pop-up windows, are available in each century
  28. Millennium Milestones - The 100 Most Significant Events of the Last Thousand Years
  29. Nobel Prize winners
  30. People and History of Mexico - time line in the form of a hot list
  31. Pulitzer Prizes
  32. The Salem Witch Trials 1692: A Chronology of Events
  33. Secrets of the Pharaohs from PBS (requires Flash), a HTML version is also available
  34. Slavery and Religion in America: A Time Line 1440-1866 - from the Internet Public Library
  35. So Little Time: an AIDS Chronology
  36. Stylistic Timeline Of Music History - from the music of ancient times to 21st Century music (a huge timeline)
  37. Teddy Bear's American History Timeline - 1900-1990
  38. Thanksgiving Timeline - The story of the Pilgrims and the Wampanoag begins before the Thanksgiving feast. Relive the Pilgrims' first year in America, and learn how the Wampanoag helped them survive in the New World.
  39. The Time Machine - This U.S. Mint site has twelve hyhperlinked dates, each one tells a story. Fantastic! on 2/24/06
  40. Titanic timeline - a recreation of the significant events that took place aboard the Titanic
  41. Toys and Games - The History Channel presents a timeline of toys and games from 4000 BC to 1992 AD
  42. Underground Railroad timeline - from National Geographic
  43. Western Philosophers - This is a vertical timeline of western philosophers from 600 BC to current
  44. World History -1000–2002
  45. Year by Year 1900 to 2005 from InfoPlease
Science and Technology timelines
  1. Inventions by Century
    1. 11th - 14th Century Inventions 1000 - 1399
    2. 15th Century Inventions 1400 - 1499
    3. 16th Century Inventions 1500 - 1599
    4. 17th Century Inventions 1600 - 1699
    5. 18th Century Inventions 1700 - 1799
    6. 19th Century Inventions 1800 - 1850, 1851 - 1899
    7. 20th Century Inventions 1900 - 1925, 1926 - 1950, 1951 - 1975, 1976 - 1999,
    8. 21st Centry Inventions 2000+
  2. 50 Years of Television highlights
  3. Atomic Structure timeline
  4. Aviation timeline 1900 to present (from PBS)
  5. Britian's Rocky Past; from the Big Bang to the present - This interactive timeline begins with a fascinating animation.
  6. Chronology of Personal Computers - (1947 to current)
  7. Climate TimeLine Information Tool - Exploring Weather & Climate Change through the powers of 10 (from NOAA)
  8. Computing History - this 68 page document takes a while to download, but it's worth the wait. This is an Adobe Acrobat document
  9. DNA Interactive Timeline
  10. Evolutionary Thought timeline - the life and work of notable people who have contributed to evolutionary thought
    1. Other timelines related to Evolution
  11. Galileo timeline
  12. Geologic Time Line - posted by the San Diego Natural History Museum
  13. Highway Through Time - The highway on your screen - marked off in one-kilometer increments - represents Earth's evolutionary history. On this five-kilometer stretch, each kilometer equals one billion years.
  14. History of Flight Timeline from the Science Museum of London
  15. Internet Timeline - (from 1957 to 2003)
  16. Inventions from Bell Labs
  17. Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory timeline
  18. Lunar and Planetary Exploration Chronology 1957 to 2009
  19. Microbiology Time Line
  20. The Mysteries of Deep Space Timeline - From the Big Bang to the End of the Universe (from PBS)
  21. NASA History timelines
  22. Nobel Prize for Chemistry (with photos)
  23. Nuclear Age Timeline - posted by the U. S. Department of Energy (Caution: This page opens in a new window. Close the window to return to this list)
  24. Physics - A century of Physics presented by the American Physical Society.
  25. Physics Evolution - explore this timeline of connected events on 2/26/06
  26. Plate Tectonics animations - Go way back in time with these animations of earth crust movement
  27. Robotics timeline - You will never guess how far back this timeline stretches!
  28. Space Program timeline - from the History Channel
  29. Strange Science timeline - This list chronicles some of the major events in the history of paleontology and biology.
  30. Technology in the Home - This is a time line in the form of a Shockwave image that changes as you pull the slider to the left or right. For any year, you can get information about any object in the image by placing your mouse cursor over the part of the image you are interested in.
  31. Television Chronology 1875-1970


    Christopher Columbus
  3. Elvis Presley
  4. Ronald Reagan
  5. Jackie Robinson
  6. Lewis & Clark

Customize your own Timeline

  1. Customize your own timeline - This free service is offered by OurTimeLines.com. They request that webmasters not link to the timeline generator. Therefore you must go to the bottom of their page where you see the phrase, Ready to check it out? Just... Click!
  2. Make your own Timeline, thanks to Teachnology - (scroll down past the membership information) Their generator can be used to make time lines of up to 9 events of your choice. Select either a horizontal or vertical timeline.
  3. Use Excel to create a Timeline - This activity collects data about the Pilgrims and uses the data to make a timeline.
  4. Use Excel to create a Timeline - This activity creates a timeline using TCAP format. on 2/11/06