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Function Man

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CLICK HERE  If you have a question on which software you would like to use in your class to best teach students?  Or is your software compatible with Smart Notebook.

Rectangle Fraction
Great Visual Teaching Tool
Kindergarten 1st Grade 2nd Grade 3rd Grade 4th Grade 5th Grade K-8
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Quia This site has quite a few lessons on it already.  It will allow teachers to develop their own interactive activities for the classroom.

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 Interactive    Download and create 23 different easy to use lessons  Software is free to use.  From the UK Endless possibilities  4 Star 
This is a must see website
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Animal Jam

Animal Jam—a virtual world for kids where they can discover real-world plant and animal facts, plus follow enriching storylines paired with National Geographic's multimedia educational content!

Animal Jam features a full spectrum of play that caters to young kids at all skill levels and developmental stages. With constantly evolving educational content, your child can join a community featuring fun activities and games, as well as chat with online friends in a safe and moderated environment.

Because your peace of mind is important to us, we have a team of live moderators in the game, making sure play stays fun and safe. We also do not allow any third-party advertising. With full parental
controls, you can manage your child's access and chat settings—all via our easy to use

(1). Questionaut  This interactive website is very well done and I think outstanding for 4th grade on up
(2). Gut  Instinct All I can say is wow!  your students will have a lot of fun solving problems for (English - Math - Science)  I think 4th Grade and up

(3) This is truly a tough set of questions.  The speaker is from England so you must listen carefully!

(4) Fun game allowing you to explore many different areas.  Must have your thinking cap on as you are timed in this educational game.

(5) Great Math Quizzes.  It is interactive and fun to do and learn from

6) Great English Quiz game.  It is interactive and fun to do and learn from.

Line Rider  Fun skill game with physical speed


Function Man



  1. Function Interactive Video (9min. long) (Easier if you use the smart board and the Smart video Player)  You will find the video of how to use this here (Video for smart video player) (2 min)
  2. Patterns
  3. Coin conversion

  4. Gallon Function

  5. Ruler Measurement

  1. Function Website. ( I would say 3rd- 6th Grade.) 


             Simple to complex logic

  1. Function Man website ( You my use different levels)

  2. Function Machine website (many variables ) Best function machine in the world.

  3. Manipulative function machine

  4. Quizville  Function

  5. Guizmo Function Very good

  6. Function   This is good but not for Elementary Students

  7. Thermometer  Good illustration of temperatures


Numbers and Amounts

  1. Money  Counting coins and comparing.

  2. Place Value   Great site for learning place values

  3. Place value 2  Great game for learning numbers values

  4. Place Value 1   Mr. Ankler Test learning place values

  5. Place value 2  Mr. Ankler Test

  6. Place Value 3 Mr. Ankler Test

  7. Converting Small amounts of money to larger

  8. Place value made easy


  2. 1.  JEOPARDY

  3. 2.  Broken Calculator   Logic problem to find answer to  
         math questions.  Very good

  4. 3.   Figure this  Logic and math skills

  5. 4.   Hexagons   A fun game where you try to place 7
          hexagons together correctly.


3D  Shapes  Manipulative

  1. 3D shapes  Manipulates

  2. Moving shapes 2D and 3D

  3. Finding shapes Trip to a planet

  4. Many shapes different levels fun

  5. Outstanding Manipulate 3D Shapes

  6. 2D and 3D shapes

  7. 3D Shapes and questions

  8. Find matching pairs  Difficult

  9. Shapes  A view different shapes

  10. Table of shapes  Complete the table



  1. Volume 1 Volume 5
    Volume 2 Volume 6
    Volume 3 Volume 7
    Volume 4 no link Volume 8
    Samson - Sight words that will articulate to your students.
    Must type in answers in lower case
    Main Menu (Web site) Click the Red Arrow
    Popcorn Words Catch a Fish Game
    Sentence Magic Wild West and Words

List One 


List Two 


List Three 


  List Four 


List Five 


List Six 


List Seven 


List Eight 


List Nine 


List Ten 


List Eleven 





  1. Weather Home page

  2. Weather in Willoughby 44094 Area Hourly, Daily, 5 Day, 10 Day

  3. Extreme Science is the place online to find the biggest, dangerous, challenging and the best in the world of extremes and learn about the science behind what makes each the most extreme example of its kind.. (Animal Kingdom, Earth, Ocean, resources, space, time and weather.

  4.  Earth Clock  This is an example of stats using approximations
     what is  changing in the world.  Nice to show students.

  5. Poodwaddle   This is a unique web site that will allow you to
     explore many  interesting concepts.

  6. Seasons and Ecliptic simulator   Does a great job of 
     illustrating the seasons

  7. Our Planet has a fever.  Very interesting site for 21st century learning.

  8.  Seasons of the Earth   Great illustration to show seasons.

  9.  Earth's Time line   Ideal way to illustrate the history of Earth

  10. Phases of the moon simulation with many visual affects

  11. Length of the planets day and night   Simulation very good

  12.  View Earth (Find the school and your home) 

  13.  Shape the Earth    shows students how weather will change the
     Earth over a period of time.

  14.  Earths Atmosphere   Interactive web site.

  15.  Search Engine   A new concept in searching (Web Search -
             Images - Videos [Youtube] - Files - Blogs - Books - Local
             Directory - News -  Weather) 

  16. Surface area to volume  Animation for living creatures? 

  17.  Colors in Motion    Interesting concept using different colors. 
            I am not sure of the Grade level .

  18.  Motion of the Sun simulator  Outstanding animation of the affect of
           the earth relative to time and date to the sun.

  19. Creation and conditions for Early Earth    Fun website to challenge everyone.  Animation

  20.  Climate time Machine    This website will present an interesting look from the past to the future relative to climate.

  21. Comparison Weight between planets

  22. Science Interactive website  This site offers a growing bank of imaginative, highly visual teaching-aids developed for use with interactive whiteboards

  23. Animal Adaptations -  Great interactive site

  24. Animals and where their habitats

  25. Humans and Animals comparing the difference

  26. Energy Challenge  Find out about how much energy there is in different foods.

  27. Harness Power An activity that lets students figure out the tools necessary to build a machine to harness power. This is really cool.

  28. Human Body In this activity, Arnold is missing organs from four major body systems. It’s your job to put them back.

  29. Classify animals Classify different types of plants and animals. Simple activity and a lot of fun for earlier grades.

  30. Forces – Try to determine what type of force caused the earth to change and how long it took to change it.

  31. Gravity – Set your own thrust and angles to try to use gravity to land at your destination

  32. Interactive Moon – Great activity to learn the phases of the moon.

  33. Marble Mania – Great way to experiment with different probablity outcomes. You need a keyboard to type in some numbers but it's still an effective tool for the SMART Board

  34. Bird Jam   Know the birds around
    you.  Habit and songs they sing.


  1. Harvard Biology Website (must see video)

  2. Physiology Teachers Animations  (must see animation)

  3. Biology Department

  4. Simulations (Must See)
  5. Analyzing an Ecosystem

  6. Water flow and feeding in the phylum porifera (sponges)

  7. Nitrogin fixation

  8. Ultrafiltration, transport & resporption in protonephridia & metanephridia.

  9. Kidney BiologyMad

  10. Cell body animation

  11. Human Biology

  12. Protein Synthesis

  13. What is an enzyme

  14. Biology animations and videos Th is is a great  collection that should be shared with every Science teacher.

  15. Sumanas Animated Tuorials: General Biology. Another wonderful resource that containing flash-based animations that include both step-though and narrated options for many of the resources

  16. Freezeray  Site  It contains a lot more than just Biology activities and the interactive nature of the activities are perfect for the SMART Board interactive whiteboard.

  17. Plant Kindom 

  18. DNA WEB PAGE  This web page has quite a bit of information on it for your use.

  19. Earth Day  This web page you will discover it has many ideas for teaching your students.

  20. Science-Animations  Great web page with many items for you to use in class.

  21. Science web page  This web page has a little of everything.

  22. Comprehensive KHAN academy Instruction (You will discover this on the main page also.)

  23. Food Web  You create food web from the predator to what it eats.

  24. What are Fungi  Presentation

  25. Plants   So you want to find out about plants

  26. What are Viruses  Presentation

  27. Fix a leak teacher guide  Great PDF file showing lessons for watch consumption. 

  28. The Cell Cycle Cell Division Cycle

  29. How the Cell Cycle works - most eukarytoc cells

  30. Genes - Introduction, What is DNA, DNA replication, Protein synthesis, Gene splicing

Kindergarten- Life Science


Earth Weather
Plants Animals
Kindergarten- Physical
Matter Water
Earth Water



Earth's Rotation The Earth's Orbit
Time & The Calendar Maps & Mapping
The Solar System Earth's Moon


Note:  The following two links must be installed on your computer.  They take only about 3 minutes each to install.  Well worth the time!
  1. WorldWide Telescope will turn your computer into a planetarium and a virtual telescope to aid in learning about the night skies.  A great resource for all grades. Will enable you to take guided tours of the universe and 3D presentations of our solar system.
  2. STELLARIUM    Stellarium is a free open source planetarium for your computer. It shows a realistic sky in 3D, just like what you see with the naked eye, binoculars or a telescope. It is being used in planetarium projectors. Just set your coordinates and go.  Must download software to your computer.  Does not take long.
  3. Hubble Telescope   video
  4. The Fate of the Universe  
  5. Search Engine   A new concept in searching (Web Search - Images -
             Videos [Youtube] - Files - Blogs - Books - Local    Directory - News -  Weather) 


  1. Library of Congress  Outstanding resource for presentations and research.

  2. History Web site-The Authentic History Center is comprised of artifacts and sounds from American popular culture.

  3. Best of History This site will provide an overview of all history.  Very detailed very complete.

  4. The Story of US  Great site for American history

  5. Anne Frank   This site will take you through where the building where she hid and wrote her famous diary.

  6. Holocaust  This website contains information and Living videos of people who survived the holocaust.

  7. Virtual Tour of her hiding place in 3D (Take a tour)


  1. Search Engine   A new concept in searching (Web Search - Images -
             Videos [Youtube] - Files - Blogs - Books - Local    Directory - News - 
  2. This day in History   You will discover many videos and other information pertaining to the day you are searching for.
  3. Gettysburg Address Interactive 
  4. Map Maker
  5. American Rhetoric  America's top 100 speeches.  Very good site
  6. Best History Site on the NET  This is truly a must see
  7. U.S. History
  8. Mr. Dowling's World
  9. U.S. and World History hyperactive timeline
  10. The Historic Place
  11. National Geographic for Kids
  12. American Memory Video Collection
    Archiving Early America Movies
  13. American Memory  Teachers
  14. Geography 101 Online
  15. Africa Online
  16. Ask Asia
  17. Exploring Ancient World Cultures
  18. Mexico Para Ninos
  19. National Geographic Xpeditions
  20. Odyssey Online
  21. World Wise Schools
  22. What Do You Know?
  23. Growth of A Nation
  24. ttp://www.animatedatlas.com/movie.html
  25. Internet4Classroom Social Studies
  26. World Time Zones
  27. Interactive Geography Quizzes,
  28. A Journey Through Time,
  29. Roman Sandy,
  30. Interactive Victorian Story,
  31. Homes Unit 2,
  32. Seaside Unit 3
  33. Eye Witness History



Summary: S.T.E.M.  (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math)
Math Apprentice is a beautifully tidy and rich website with noble goals. The site connects math to real world careers by allowing students to be apprentices at various companies, applying their math skills to real world challenges. It introduces students to more advanced mathematical ideas as they read about additional math concepts used in each showcased career. The site was created with the belief that it is important for students to interact with math concepts beyond the standards, since this is where the joy of math can often be found.

  1.  Welcome to STEM   This website may answer quite a few questions about Science, Technology, Engineering and Math.
  2.  You innovate   This site will show you many reasons for STEM.  (may take sometime to load up on your computer).


  1. Civic - is a web-based educational project designed to teach students civics and about our democracy.  Civics is the vision of Justice Sandra Day O'Conner.  There are teaching games on this site.


  1.  On site equipment   This website is just a sample of what you may need when working with forensic science.

  2. Crime Time Machine   This site will allow you to visually see the latest high tech tool to maintain a crime scene for ever.

  3. DNA  Quiz on line

  4. Tell the Truth  This site will ask you a series of questions that you must answer.

  5. Crime Scene investigation Test 1

  6. Crime Scene investigation Test-2  

  7. Country Reports on Terrorism  Document  very detailed  ATA also provided digital forensic equipment and training to the Kenyan Police Service (KPS). ... Training activities inclu ded crime scene investigation and terrorist ...... The treaty, which involves the exchange of DNA, fingerprint, ...

  8.  Search Engine   A new concept in searching (Web Search - Images -
    Videos [Youtube] - Files - Blogs - Books - Local    Directory - News -  Weather) 

  9. DNA   Extraction    -   very good site

  10. Forensic Crime Scene investigation    Animation example to solve a case finding creatures.

  11. Tell the Truth   This is a fun site quizzing you on CSI

  12. FINGERPRINT PATTERN ANALYSIS. INTRODUCTION: Interactive In order to be a valuable member of the Forensic Science Unit's Fingerprint Identification Team

  13. Fingerprint activity (Wonderville)   Good link to view for students.

  14. Forensic Science for the Forensic Pathologist   Website displays various examples of what you may find or should find at a crime
  15. DNA  Handout
  16. DNA  Quiz
  17. Handwriting analysis
  18. Bite Mark Analysis
  19. Sherlock Homes Case  (Game)
  20. DNA WEB PAGE  This web page has quite a bit of information on it for your use.



Outstanding Math Lessons
A Resources for Students and Teachers



1. General Mathematics

  • Create a Graph: Online tool to help students create various types of graphs like bar graphs, line graphs, area graphs, and more.
  • Scientific Calculator: Use this online calculator to work with complex math problems.
  • Math2: Offers homework help for various high school math topics.
  • Graph Paper: Select from printable plain graph paper, two grids per page, one large grid, three grids per page, and more.

2. Algebra

  • Ask Dr. Math: Come here to find math helpers for various algebra topics.
  • Algebra Review: Offers 10 comprehensive tutorials on radicals and exponents, solving equations and inequalities, functions and first degree curves, and more.
  • Intermediate Algebra: Provides tutorials on algebraic expressions, sets of numbers, linear inequalities, graphing equations, and more.
  • Ms. Lindquist: This program has helped thousands of high school students in algebra word problems.

3. Calculus

  • Calculus: Excellent resource center for high school calculus students.
  • Calculus & Analytic Geometry: Offers demonstrations on Archimedes’ Approximation of Pi, Taylor Polynomials, Tangent to a Curve, and more.
  • The Calculus Page: Great resource page for calculus students with “How to Ace Calculus,” Calculus Applets, and more.
  • Graphics: Offers a series of graphics on various calculus topics like differentials and differences, secants and tangents, and more.

. Probability

  • Statistics/Probability: Provides “Introduction to Probability”, “Case Studies”, “Exploring Data”, and more.
  • Probability by Surprise: Offers Applets on experimenting paradoxes and visualizing probabilities.
  • Probability Notebook: High school students will find help on discrete probability distributions and continuous distributions here.
  • The Cliff-Hanger: Play this fun game to understand more about probability.

5. Statistics

  • Statistics By the Numbers: An excellent tutorial on the basics of statistics.
  • Introductory Notes: Provides tutorials such as “Understanding Data”, “Understanding Relationships”, “Generating Data”, and more.
  • Statistics & Probability: Here’s a good place for high school students to find out what they need to know about statistics and probability.
  • Questions: A series of statistics problems for high school students.

6. Trigonometry

  • Basic Trigonometry: Covers such topics like radian, arc, trig functions, trig ratios, trig identities, and more.
  • Common Mistakes: Reveals some of the common trigonometry mistakes made by high school students.
  • Trigonometry: Here’s a great place to learn the basics of trigonometry.
  • Introduction: Provides tutorials on trigonometric circle and angles, related values, sine rule, special values, solving triangles, and more.

7. Geometry

  • Interactive Geometry: Provides links to various sites with interactive geometry like WebPisces, Build a Rainbow, Projective Conics, and more.
  • Exam Prep Center: A great collection of trigonometry problems on geometric relationships, construction, locus, and more.
  • Conjectures: Excellent lesson on conjectures in geometry.
  • Geometry Online: High school students would be delighted with these simple lessons like “History of Geometry”, “Hidden Irrationals”, “Hidden Polygons”, and more.




Greek Mythology

 Gods Goddesses and Heros

Vocabulary Greece

Ancient Greece - Myths, Gods and Beliefs Creatures from Mythology
Gods Greek Gods

Maps & live view of Earth

Map Maker

Time Ticker Maps National Geographic 
Mapping our world  Live View of Earth from a Satellite 
You may Choose any spot on earth
World Atlas Map Skills
World Maps World Navigator
Religion Maps of War Imperial History of Middle East
Interactive Map of the World