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Help with Reading and Comprehension for Grades K through 5

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Gotta keep Reading  Video

The Day in the Life of a

9 Min. 50 Sec.
The Day in the Life of a
1st Grader

7 Min. 04 Sec.
The Day in the Life of a
2nd Grader

13 Min. 02 Sec.

Children's Storybooks   You  will find stories for young Children, Older Children and Young Adults


Book Pals  Don't just read a story; hear it read to you by actress and actors from the screen actors guild.  On line streaming video with many special affects.   This is a fantastic website for kids of all ages. 

Read along Stories   You will find Stories that will be read to young children

StarFall  Great site to allow students to learn from.

Jack and the Beanstalk Story -  British Council

How do Dinosaurs go to school?
1 Min. 3 Sec.
How do Dinosaurs go to school?
2 Min. 50 Sec. 

Lucky Seed Story- British Council The Treasure Map Story - British Council Number Story - British Council
Goldilocks and the three bears - British Council I'm Too Ill Story - British Council Spy Cat Story - British Council
Little Red Riding Hood Story - British Council What's That Noise Story - British Council Talking Stories - British Council
Cold Planet Story - British Council The Lucky Envelope Story - British Council Eric the Engine - British Council
ABC Zoo Story - British Council Twins' week - British Council

Carnegie Mellon

Can Jump I like my home Stories for Kids
Good Moral, Motivational & Inspirational Stories! Moral Stories 100 Great Short Stories
More Moral Stories Children's Story Books  Young -- Older -- Young Adult Silly Books -- Stories
Just Books Read Aloud Stories - Read to students. Plus Biographies are presented Story Time On Line - Stories are read to students --- British Ages 5-11
On Line Stories -  Read to Students On Line Stories - Read to Students - 2 On line Audio Books

Min. 17 Sec. 

Stories Read aloud on line

Diwali story British Council

Neighborhood Clean up

Christmas (The snow man)    
Thatís How a Pumpkin Grows
2 Min. 13 Sec.
The Grave Yard
4 Min. 28 Sec.


The Night Before Christmas
Read by Santa Claus

6 Min. 21 Sec.



Cannot be viewed in

Dr. Seuss National Memorial Website 

Dr. Seuss Website


  Recommended instructional Video prior to viewing the story below
Map Coordinates Video
Mrs. Davis 1st Grade Class
13 Min. 10 Sec.

This is an Interactive Story.  It is best viewed using Smart Video Player.  We have published directions below.

Smart Board


The Little Fawn
3 Min. 33 Sec.


Geography Lesson
Earth vs. The Flying Saucers

31 Min  3 Sec.
Worksheet pdf
Worksheet pdf

Many New Stories Click Here

On Line Stories

A host of new stories and activities

Mighty Book

The Neverending Tale