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Topics that will be covered


  1. Kids against Bulling   This website will allow students to play a game and enjoy leaning at the same time
  2. Stop Bulling Now   This website will allow you to explore ideas and concepts about bulling.
  3. Anitbulling    This site will allow the students to look at many view points related to this area.
  4. Coastkid    This site will allow the students to view many different students.
  5. Say no to Bullying   This is a sheet of information. You may down load it using Acrobat Reader.  (To download this file you must have Acrobat Reader Installed. Click Here to install free from Adobe)
  6. Bully Free Zone  This is a website created to asst in this concept.
  7. Friendship Word search    A wordsearch asking to find words related to friendship.
  8. Bolton Secondary Schools Bullying Research Project  Report detailing the findings of a piece of research carried out in Bolton Secondary Schools 2005/2006.

  9. Bullying: A Guide to the Law    Information document published by the Children's Legal Centre.

  10. Bullying and Restorative Justice   Created by Margaret Collier and the Students at the School of Legal Studies, University of Wolverhampton.  Power Point

    Audit Toolkit
    bullet Audit toolkit user guidance [PDF 136KB]
    bullet Staff questionnaire [PDF 71KB]
    bullet Parents/carers questionnaire [PDF 77KB]
    bullet Children/Young People questionnaire [PDF 94KB]
    bullet Children/Young People questionnaire (short version) [PDF 91KB]
    bulletMore from ABA
    Help with PDFs

  11. Get Your Angries Out  This is an in-depth website.
  12. Out on a Limb    This is a guide to getting along.
  13. You are not alone    A website that will cover many ideas
  14. The Surviving Bullies Project  This is a quiz that may answer questions if the student provides honest answers.

  15. Multiple Website    You will find many activities on this website relative to being a bully.









Peer Relationships




  1. Focus on adolescent relationships website   This website is an introduction to peer relationships for adolescents
  2. Teen Health Center    Website illustrating different forms of peer problems.
  3. Candle   Its mission is to provide prevention, education, and support programs to young people on the harmful effects of alcohol, tobacco, other drugs, and violence.
  4. Parenting views   This is a website that gives answer to questions from teens to parents.
  5. Peer relationships, conducting their own group study sessions using a package of self- directed learning materials.
  6. What do children what   A power point presentation
Difficulty with authority
  1. Dealing with Authority   Interesting site to see if the students can follow and learn anything from this site.
Respect for Yourself others, property and authority
  1. Game   This game will help you determine the type of person you by answering questions.
  2. Daly Affirmations
  3. The philosophy of liberty 
  4. Respect
Seeking Adults for help
  1. Adolescents seeking help  This website will bring about many different views.
Asking questions and locating resources for counseling or support with personal issues
  1. Family Education    This link t has both parent and kid information about "life issues"
Accepting/giving compliments  
Upholding responsibilities and expectations of teachers, adults, and peers  
Setting and accomplishing personal goals  
Setting and keeping limits (behaviorally, socially)  
Role playing of difficult decisions/peer pressure  
Alcohol and drugs...what to do when you are approached, and ways to "walk away" from difficult situations with minimal repercussions
  1. D.A.R.E.Site    This site has a lot of activities about drugs and alcohol.
  2. D.A.R.E.  Site.   Main website for D.A.R.E
How to "fit in" without going with the wrong crowd (being an individual) popularity.  
Leadership skills/positive role models  
Coping with test anxiety  
Coping with "teenage" relationships  
Making friends, and initiating conversations
  1. Making Friends    This site has many activates
  2.   This site has many activities.
  3. Hand out.  Hand out on making friends.
  4. Building Confidence    This is a nice website to allow a teenager to build on themselves.
  5. Choosing your friends   Website giving some insite.