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Smart Board Resources -  updated April 09

A).  Smart Board Lessons all areas

L). Smart Board Website     New 5/08

B). Lessons using smart board M). Smart Board Resources II   New 5/08
C).   Interactive Smart Board Site New 5/08

N). Engaging Learners the Smart Board Way

D). Smart Board Resources      O). Smart Board Ideas and Links   New 5/08
E). Top Marks   UK
P).  SMART Board and Air Liner Activities  (Elem.  Middle & High School lessons)
Good Website
F). Building Smarter Ways to Use the Smart Board Q).  Primary Resources    This website contains Smart board and other tools.
G). Smarter  SMART Board Use R.   Response to Intervention

H). Smart lessons Pages (1 - 42)
         Very Good website

S. Smart Board Assignments
 I). Technology and Instruction Interwoven T.   Technology Resources
J).  Middle Town Public Schools

  Interactive Classroom Tools        New
Great website for Class a Must see

K). Susanne's Technology Page I  Countdown Timer for your Class  

New  Smart Board Tools  
Updated take a look

Smart Board 3rd Grade Reading - Math - Science - Social Studies  
Created by: Mrs. Goodrich - Mrs. Bordelon - Mrs. Reed


Smart Board 4th Reading Activates  
Created by
: Mrs. Kothera 

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Famous People

Math & Science Earth Day Lessons  

Smart Board Games

Wheel of Fortune Jeopardy Review Monopoly
How to use Senteo

Block Buster Game

Jeopardy template

Games Galore
Special Link.   Smart board must be attached to the computer to use this software. 

Podcasts about Smart Board


Lessons below will require new flash to operate

Web Pages for Sound & Graphics

Ideas  that will help you create your own lessons 1  S B ideas A  1.  Simply the best Sounds for you

2.  Sound files

3.  Graphics for you to copy and paste

4.  More Graphics animation

5.   Find sounds New very good

5A. More New Sounds   *

5B. Free sound effects

6.  Free Animated Gifs

7.  Free Animation

8.  More Animation

9.  Glitter Web design

10. Animation Website

11.  Banners  New

12.  Animation Play house  New (Many)

13.  Cartoon Animation   New  (Must see)

2.   S B ideas B
3,  S B ideas C
4.  New BELL  WORK
5.  New   First Day of School
6.  New  Daily Calendar



Downloads Software

  1. Download the latest version of Smart Board 9.5 - 9.7 Download
  2. If you download from the site that has a (2) next to it you must do the following to save and then open the lessons.
    1. Place your mouse on the lesson you wish to download
    2. Click your right button and find "Save Target As..."
    3. Save this lesson in a folder you have created for future use.
    4. Change the extension from zip to Notebook.
    5. You may now open it in Smart Board
  3. Media File (This download is necessary if you wish to add wav files [sounds] to your images on your notebook.  Download here


Written Directions for using the Smart Board

Basics Smart Board Tools
Capture and Sharing Information Floating Tools
Smart Board Information Working with the Note Book Gallery and Software Collections
Quick Orientation of Smart Board Floating Tools
Setting up with USB Cable Smart  Ideas
Setting up with Serial Cable Activity Guide for you ...  This will help set up your lessons
Smart Board Ideas and Mapping software  
Smart Board Setup  



Videos On How To Use Smart Board

1.  Basic Finding Website 1.  Setting up your lesson 1.  Inserting Drawings and text into Word on a Smart Board   (Must have smart board tools running at this time)
2.  Using Objects in a Notebook 2.  Viewing and downloading a lesson 2.  Using Smart Board to take Notes
3.  Using the Notebook Gallery 3.   Capture Tool Bar 3.  Using Smart Board and Microsoft Word
4.  Page Sorter 4.   Copy and Paste 4.  Using Smart Board and Microsoft Excel
 5.  Other Smart Board Tools (shade - spotlight -  magnifier -Pointer - Screen capture) 5.   Linking to an Image

 Videos for Magnifying Glass

Video 1 Video 2 Video 3 Video 4
  6.   Creating and Saving Sounds Down load Smart Board Magnifying Glass here
  7.   Attaching wav files    Down load banners here      
  8.   Hyperlink an Image Make your own pull tabs
  9.   Outline and image tool Making your own tables in Version 10.0
  10.  Infinite Clone & lock in place Making animation in Version 10.0
  11.  Shapes and Colors  
  12.  Capture whole or part of screen  
  13.  Lines and Line properties  
  14.  Linking Pages  
  15.  Saving your lessons  
16.  Cleaning up an Icon