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  Smart Board Lessons by Grade Level 

Elem Middle Jr. High High School Other Fundations
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Smart Board Lessons


Note:   Smart Board Lessons for All States!   Standards are listed by Grade level then by Subject.   Choose your state.
A).  Smart Board Lessons all areas   Very Good Called Smart Exchange                               

L). Smart Board Website     New 5/08

Smart Cloud-  login required
B). Lessons using smart board
Wacona school District
M). Smart Board Resources II   New 5/08
C).   Interactive Smart Board Site New 5/08 
Smart Technology sites

N). Engaging Learners the Smart Board Way

D). Smart Board Resources      Center School District O). Lesson in Phonics 10-2011
E). Top Marks   UK     4 star
This is a very good site for Elementary Teachers and Students.   You will discover many interesting links to learn how to use numbers.  Several funny ones use Bugs.

P).  Lessons Sorted by grade and subject  10-2011
F).  The Teachers Guide Q).  Primary Resources    This website contains Smart board and other tools.
G). Smarter  SMART Board Use
East Carter School
R.   Response to Intervention
H-1). Smart lessons     
S. Smart Board Assignments

 Penny Bid Site

 I). Technology and Instruction Interwoven T.   Smart Board Lounge  (Smart Math)  10/2011
J).  Math Activities  10/2011 U.  Fun activates for Smart board
V.  Interactive and Engaged site    
     Total AWE!!
K). Bob's Place  10/2011 W.   Class tools
K1).  Mrs.  Hurley's  ESL    10/2011 X.  Math and Science Lessons
K2).  Art Lessons for Smart Board Y.   Center Schools Lessons for Smart Board Scholastic

Smart Response System
Smart Lessons for Clickers only

Z Top Exchange Downloads
Smart board Lessons (1)  8/12 Z1. Mrs. Renz's Fourth Grade Class (Many states)
Smart Board Lessons (2) 8/12 Social Studies Smart Board Lessons 8/12
  Longwood Central School District  12/12

Number and Number Sense

Computation and Estimation



Probability and Statistics

Patterns, Functions, & Algebra

Problem Solving Puzzles



Fun Activates that may be used on a Smart Board

Kindergarten             1st Grade 
2nd Grade    3rd Grade
4th Grade 5th Grade
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