DNA Day is celebrated on April 25

National DNA Day was created to commemorate the completion of the Human Genome Project in April 2003, and the discovery of DNA's double helix.  James Watson and Francis Crick first discovered the double helix of DNA in 1953.  To learn more about this discover visit the The Francis Crick Papers at the National Library of Medicine.  To investigate the Human Genome Project go to Human Genome Project Information site hosted by Oak Ridge National Laboratory.  The site includes Education Resources.

The site is dedicated to providing students and teachers resources to teach and discover more about genetics and genomics.  There are links to projects, lessons, teaching ideas, and virtual labs. 


Virtual Labs


  • DNA and Endangered Species - students will learn some basics about DNA and genetics and will then learn how DNA can be used to study and help endangered animals. They will visit a Web site with information about specific research projects, and write paragraphs explaining how DNA and genetics research might be used to help an endangered or threatened species.  National Geographic
  • Secrets of the Dead - Students learn the story of the 1918 influenza pandemic and about the use of electrophoresis and DNA fingerprinting to identify an unknown, using UPC barcodes to represent the DNA banding patterns. Lesson from PBS for middle school and high school students.