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Updated September  2012

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Election Resources


bullet Center for Civics Education
bullet Presidential Election Resource
bullet Election Resources
bullet Resources for teaching about the Presidential Election
bullet Ben's Guide to Government
bullet iCivics - Executive Command
bullet Interactive Electoral Map
bullet Election Tools for Teachers - Google
bullet Election Lesson Plans for Teachers from PBS
bullet Democracy Project from PBS (Includes "President for a Day)
bullet 2012 Primary Schedule

US Presidential Election Process and the Campaign Trail

bullet Presidential Election


bullet American President (grades 3 - 5)
bullet George Washington, The Precedent President
bullet The President Has Many Roles (grades 9 - 12)
bullet White House Kid's Page
bullet Presidential Fun Facts
bullet The Presidents
bullet Who is That?
bullet WayBack Presidents:  The Secret History - PBS
bullet Who Can Vote for President
bullet Political Cartoons as Part of the Election Process