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SB-You may need to download the smart board program to use some of the following links.  This may be done by clicking on the following Download  version 9.7 .  Once you have done this you will be able to view and use the smart board activity.    Every Smart Board activity has the letters SB  for Smart Board next to it. SB


This web page consists of skills that do not necessary fall into any one standard.   You may find the same web page links on different grade levels.  I will update with more websites as often as I can.
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This website will allow the teacher and student to explore many different areas of learning.



  1. Literacy Center  Many different areas for kids to learn
  2. Professor Garfield's web portal.  Great website that covers it all.  Lots of fun and educational.  4 star
  3. Peep and the Big Wide World The website contains an amazing collection of educational games for the Primary grades.
  4. Mouse Practice, Many different activites
  5. Bugs - Practice clicking on a square. Match the bug pictures.
  6. Hatch and Match - Practice clicking on eggs and find the two that match.
  7. Coloring Book - Click on an image to start coloring (it will open a new window)
  8. Color Game - Color sorting.  Talking to students
  9. Magic Paint - Select the size of the brush and the color and draw a picture on the screen. Higher level mouse skills for click and drag.
  10. Tidy The Classroom - Excellent site to learn how to drag and drop, click once and click twice.
  11. Etch A Sketch  On line Etch a Sketch, just like in the stores.  Simple to use and draw with.


Preschool Test  & Preparation Center Maybe find something later for this section!
  1. Astronomy Shape Match - click and drag objects to match shape outlines
  2. Put it on the Shelf - Replace the question mark with the shape that matches the outline below.
  3. Catching Objects   You may use the key-board to catch Shapes - Colors - Letters and Numbers. new 09/07
  4. Literacy Center  Many different areas for kids to learn


  1. Sorting by Size - Sort by shortest and tallest to go under the Limbo Stick
  2. Shapes    -  Matching and placing the shapes on top of the correct shape.   SB   Smart Board software needed for this lesson  Created by Sandra Grande
  3. Matching letters, photos and sorting    You will find this lesson to be complete and have great value.  You will need to use SB smart board software however to work with this lesson.   Created by Sandra Grande
  4. Matching Numbers   You will find a Smart board assignment allowing students to match numbers and some groups.  SB required for this assignment.  Created by Sandra Grande
  5. Colors    You will use smart board software to sort colors.  SB is required for this assignment   Created by Sandra Grande
  6. Sight Words    Match up sight words using smart board SB required.


  1. Math Game Page   This is a truly super webpage that will allow students to play interactive games and learn at the same time. *
  2. Counting orders - online game
  3. Shape Match - concentration style game
  4. Shape Match - Drag and drop the shape on the correct match.
  5. Learning Numbers -Outstanding site for counting and learning numbers.
  6. Room 108  This website is loaded with over 400 outstanding games for learning.  The teacher should first go to this site prior to student to know best where ever thing is.  This site covers Math, Science, Social Studies and Language Arts.  So I placed it here.
  7. Exciting games for all areas   Choose this website if you wish to learn and play at the same time.
  8. Fun Games to help students with colors and patterns    
Social Studies
  1. Site for all reasons   You will want to use this site to explore many different ideas. 
  2. Interactive Website   Fun website that will allow students to create sounds record your voice and understand different symbols.
  3. The Children's museum - Fun site with many different educational activities for kids.
  1. Jambav   This website will allow youngsters to work on many different areas. (Math, Social Skills, Language Arts)
  2. Body Parts

    Body Parts

    Label words are simply dragged and dropped into the correct place in the diagram. When all words have been placed the user clicks on the check button to get feedback on their selection.
    Lesson Plan Body Parts.

    Encourages an interest in the natural world.  Kids will also learn about sounds and what they go with.




    This is one outstanding website  it encourages imagination and creative thinking.  Sounds and special affects.

Language Arts
  1. Songs for every occasion.   You will discover listed on this website songs that you my play for your class in both Alpha or Subject search or by lyrics.  Great site must see!   4 Star
  2. Song Sheets  Download professionally produced  for the most popular kids' songs with all the words and appealing illustrations.
  3. Bembo's zoo    A very cute way of learning words and letters using sound.
  4. Game Goo   This site allows students to explore ideas and concepts involving the English Language.  4 star
  5. Between the Lions - stories from PBS Kids
  6. Game Goo  Many different games for kids
  7. Big Books - read stories online and then answer questions
  8. Children's Storybooks Online - beware of the pop-ups!
  9. Barbie link    You will find many different things you may do on this site
  10. Learning the order of ABCs    Fun site for little ones to learn their ABCs
  11. Literacy Center  Many different areas for kids to learn


  1. ArtPad is a fun flash-based art activity that students may use to create imaginative art and add a frame to display it in a gallery.
  2. On Line Etch a sketch  This website will allow you to draw on line using the etch a sketch tool.
  3. Tux Paint    This presents students with a blank canvas and an array of drawing tools to help them be creative.  This open-source drawing software includes an easy -to-use interface, fun sound effects and an encouraging cartoon mascot who guides children as they use the program.
  4. Color smart board   This is truly one fantastic smart board lesson allowing students to learn about colors.  A must see in your class.  4 Star