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Online Stories

Listen to a story read to you!

Clifford Interactive stories
Listen to Several stories Online!
1st Grade Online Book
3 Stories about little animals
Listen to Animal Stories

The Princess and the Pea
The Perfect Pet Story
La Mascota Perfecta (Spanish)
Listen to Alice's Adventures in Wonderland
Listen to Books at this Library Grades 2-10!
When It Rains book

Animated Stories

Stories with Animations
Stories with animated pictures
What's wrong with Misty?
Animated Farm Fables
Watch the Animated 3 pigs and the Wolf!
Los tres Animalitos! (Spanish)

Picture Stories for Grades PreK-2

PBS Stories Change Every Week!
Several Illustrated stories for K-1!
Several Animal Grade 1 Stories
Illustrated 1st grade stories
Read Books with Pictures by kids online Grades 1-2
Illustrated Kid's Books Grades 1-2
The adventurous Bunny and Easter Island Grade 2-3


Picture Stories for Grades 3-5

Several illustrated stories
Christian Stories
Animal Folktales
Science Stories for kids
Alice in Wonderland, Dragons, Bears, Monsters etc.
Adventures of Sidney, You make the choices

Reading Links

Excellent Links for kids on Books, Authors, Drama, Poetry and Games
Download stories to read on your computer