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AllTheTest.com allows you to create and publish your own online tests!  Learn how one teacher recommend you Take the Stress Out Of Standardized Test or Test Your Attitude About Standardized Testing.  Before testing, make sure you examine the checklist at the Assessment ABCs More

The following websites also offered FREE prep resources:

Content Area Testing:

bullet English language  You will find many fun and interesting on line testing for grammar
bullet Social Studies Online Test
bullet Reading and Language Arts
bullet Math
bullet Science
bullet Surweb Testing (online tests for Grades 1-12, with special area tests available.  Results can be emailed to the teacher!)
bullet The Online Tests Page (FREE ACT/SAT tests)
bullet BrainChild (Based on state standards)
bullet TAKS Online Testing
bullet Teacher Vision offers a Free sample of tests based on a variety of subject areas
bullet SOL Testing Page
bullet Create your own online tests at Quizstation.
bullet Internet 4 Classroom Resources
bullet TCAP Online Practice Course
bullet Sixth Grade Practice Test
bullet Seventh Grade Practice Test
bullet Eighth Grade Practice Test
bullet Quia Top Activities
bullet Quia Popular Categories (click the dropdown menu for content choices)
bullet ExamProfessor (online exams, tests, quizzes, drills and practice)
bullet Test Prep Review (FREE)

Language Arts:

bullet Teacher Vision Free Sample Quizzes (scroll down)
bullet Grammar Central
bullet Interactive Grammar Quizzes
bullet Grammar Exercises
bullet How Well Can You Spell?
bullet Spelling Practice
bullet Grade 1-5 Spelling Quizzes
bullet Writing Assessment Practice Test
bullet Grade 1 Quizzes
bullet Grade 2 Quizzes
bullet Grade 3 Quizzes
bullet Grade 4 Quizzes
bullet Spelling Practice Quizzes
bullet Online Spelling
bullet Advanced Spelling Test


bullet Math:  Telling Time Problems
bullet Math:  Clock
bullet Math:  Telling Time
bullet Teacher Vision Free Sample Quizzes (scroll down)
bullet Get Smarter Math and Science Quizzes (Grades 3, 4, 7, 8, 12)
bullet 3rd Grade Math
bullet 5th Grade Math
bullet 8th Grade Math
bullet Online Math Tests Homepage (Algebra, Geometry, Trigonometry, Calculus)
bullet Algebra I Cheat Sheet
bullet Algebra I Test
bullet Algebra II Test
bullet Geometry Test
bullet Grade 1-2 Math Tests
bullet Grade 3-4 Math Tests
bullet Math:  Grade 5 Elapsed Time
bullet Online Math Quizzes
bullet Advanced Math Drills
bullet More Advanced Math Drills

Social Studies:  

bullet Kindergarten
bullet 1st Grade,
bullet 2nd Grade
bullet 3rd Grade
bullet 4th Grade
bullet 8th Grade Glencoe Quizzes
bullet American Presidents
bullet AP American History
bullet AP European History
bullet Geography
bullet State Quizzes (How much do you know about your state?  Tested Info can be found at the Home Page.)
bullet Teacher Vision Free Social Studies Sample Quizzes (scroll down)
bullet U.S. History Quiz


bullet 3rd Grade Science
bullet 5th Grade Science Quiz
bullet 5th Grade Science
bullet 8th Grade Science
bullet Get Smarter Math and Science Quizes (Grades 3, 4, 7, 8, 12)
bullet End of Course Biology Test
bullet End of Course Bilogy Test 2003
bullet Teacher Vision Free Sample Quizzes (scroll down)
bullet Chemistry
bullet Chemical Elements
bullet Earth Science
bullet Quiz on Cell Biology
bullet Quiz on Microbes
bullet Quiz on The Immune System


bullet Learn Spanish Online
bullet Japanese Online
bullet Interesting Quizzes for ESL Students
bullet Flash Quizzes for ESL
bullet Language Now