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 Say the number sequence by 1s starting anywhere from 0 to 10, and from 10 to 0
Bees and Honey
Story Place
Find the Number
Juggling George
123 Order
Counting Game
Wash Line
Counting on a Cloud
 Recognize, at a glance, and name familiar arrangements
of 1 to 5 objects, dots, and pictures.
Ten Frame
Count the Ants
Spots on Ladybugs
Five Frame
Brilliant Beadstring
Power of Ten--ten frame
  Relate a numeral, 0 to 10,
to its respective quantity.
Counting Objects
Big Bird
BT Bear Catches 10
Count the Chickens
Ocean Animals
Ducks in the Pond
Goats in the Barnyard
Pigs in the Pen
Hungry Spider
  Represent and describe numbers 2 to 10,
concretely and pictorially.
Under the Shell
Ten Frame
Math Bars
Postman's Walk
Ladybug Sort
Story of 1
Story of 2
Story of 3
Story of 4
Story of 5
Story of 6
Story of 7
Story of 8
Story of 9
Interactive Counters
Marble Count
Marble Sort
Brilliant Beadstring
Ten Frame
The Tub People--Partitioning
Power of Ten--identify numbers
Power of Ten--make numbers
Power of Ten--select cards
Compare quantities, 0 to 10, using one-to-one correspondence.
Animal Count
Counting on a Cloud
How Many?
Number Nut
Lecky Compares
Equal Groups
Fewer or More?
Fewer, more or equal?
Hungry Fisherman

 Demonstrate an understanding of repeating patterns (two or more elements) by: 
Creating patterns using manipulatives, sounds and actions.
Colour, Shape & Size
Pattern Blocks
Virtual Goose
Sesame Street   Cookie Checkout
Cube Patterns
Patterns and Shapes
Piano Patterns
Wrapping Paper Patterns
Polka Dot Patterns

Goldilocks and the Three Bears

  Use direct comparison to compare two objects based on a single attribute,
such as length, height, mass, volume and capacity.
Which is Bigger?
Measure Up with Clifford
Taller or Shorter?
Biggest or Smallest?
Christmas Ribbon Pairs
Christmas Ribbon Sort
Animal Sort by Size
How Big?
  Sort 3-D objects using a single attribute.
Fruit Sort
Sort it Out
Insect Sort
Recycling Sort
Sorting Game
  Build and describe 3-D objects.
Building Sandcastles
Sort It

Build a House

Create a Car
Make a Face
Make a Robot
Make a Snowman
Make a Pizza

Tes I-Board