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        A.  Toon Book Readernew

Choose a book and click each part to hear it read aloud

         B.   Lanolin's Greenhouse - beginning soundsnew

like ARL 1 minute drills

         C.  The Hayloftnew

phoneme blending

         D.  The Pig Wallernew

phoneme blending

         E.  Dolch Sight Words - Online flashcards

         K.6, K.7, K.8 Starfall

         F  A.B. Cow

         G.   ABC game - beginning letters

         H. Alien Letter Bugs - 3 letter words

         I. Alien Space Trash - 3 letter words (harder)

        J.  Alphabet Garden ABC

         K  Alphabet Goop

         L  Alphabet Lesson

         7 Alphabet Letter Sing-A-Longsnew

          Alphabet Letter Songsnew

         Alphabet Zoo

          Bear Wear - letter to sound

         Beginning Letters with Leo

         Beginning Phonics

         S  Beginning Sounds

         Big Bird's Letters


         Crankophone - vowel sounds


         Digby's First Sounds

         Find the Letter

         Fishing with Phonicsnew

         AA  Fuzzy Lion Ears - 3

         AB    Fuzzy Lion Ears - beginning

         AC  Fuzzy Lion Ears - missing letter

         AD Fuzzy Lion Ears - more endings

         AE  Fuzzy Lion Ears -4

         AF  Fuzzy Lion Ears -ending

         AG  In the Nick of Rhymenew

         AH In the Nick of Rhyme

         AI  Kangaroo Confusion - match capitals & lowercase

         AK  Letter Match

         AL  Letterella

         AM   Letters to Big Bird

         AN  Lickety Letter Bingo - click games

         AO   Literacy Center

letter activities

         AP  Loosey Goosey Rhyme

         AQ Making Small Words

         AR  Matching vowel sounds

         AS   Phonics Word Match - match the word to the picture

         AT  Picture Match - beginning sound or vowel sound

         AU  Pounce!

         AV  Pounce! 3 letter words

         AW  Pumpkin Patch - beginning soundsnew

isolate sounds

         AX  Put it on the Shelf - 3 letter words

         AY  Reggie Rhymes

         AZ  Rhyming Practice

         BA  Sassy Seals - beginning sounds

         BB  Sesame Street Letter of the Day

Change the letter in the website name to view different letter games.

         BC  Skateboard - spell 3 letter words

         BD  Stanley

         BE  Starfall ABC

         BF  Whirlywind Machine

         BG  Word Build & Bank

         BH  Wordblender

         BI  Animated Children's Books

         BK  Book Pals

Listen to stories read by actors

         BL   CBeebies Stories - listen to stories

         BM  Light Up Your Brain - Audio Stories

         BN   Listen to stories online

         BO  Nursery Rhymes

         BP  Read Between the Lions Online Stories

         BQ  RIF online stories

         BR Alphabet Falls

         BS  Frog's Rhyming Machine

         BT Pig's Perfect Pizza - beginning sounds

         BU Dog's Letter Pit - letter sounds & building words
BV Toon Book with moving pictures  Elvis that cried mouse
BW I like to dance

Samson - Sight words that will articulate to your students. 4 Star







         1  Alphabet Soup with Cookie Monster

         2  Beginning blends

          Bembo's Zoo

letters arrange to create the animal

          Easy spelling - small words

          Letters and Pictures - beginning letter

          Phonics Word Builder

          Unscramble to Spell the Word

         8   ABC order - Letter Maze

         ABC order - simple

         10  Missing letters of alphabet

         11 Tracing Paper - printing name

         12  Find the Words

         13  Create a Story

         14  Build a Word - Skateboarding