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Interactive Whiteboards (IWB)

We have been getting a lot of messages asking about SMART Notebook.  Since I teach at several colleges and work closely with teachers that are Pre-K to 12th grade in all subjects, I feel that I must point out what I have observed in my findings.  Smart Ed (Smart Notebook) software follows 21st Century guide lines like a glove.  I strongly suggest using this software as it will allow the teacher and the student to quickly create engage lessons.  What I am pointing out is that the students themselves may create simple to complex lessons using this software.  Once they create their own lessons and present their lesson to the class they know it.  It is extremely intuitive for all to learn from 2nd semester of 2nd Grade to Graduate School.  If you click on the link (21Century Skills) located on the main page of this site, you will discover what is meant by this.  We have provided examples and videos to support these findings.  I have found that some teachers are in their comfort zone and do not wish to explore or change their pedagogy with this software. Once you have used Smart Notebook you will ask yourself why haven't I done this sooner?

Users of other Interactive White Boards want to know if they are able to use the files found on this site (SMART Notebook files).   The following chart that might help you understand .

  Their Website Software Used with/for the Board Able to Import/Use SMART Notebook Software? Web-Based Presentation Tool Options for Other Interactive White Board Users


SMART Notebook Yes SMART Notebook Express


ActivInspire Yes  


MimioStudio Yes  


eBeam Education Yes  

Poly Vision (eno)

Easiteach Yes  


Intelliboard/DPA/Mobile Presenter ?  


Workspace Yes  


StarBoard Software ? StarBoard Viewer


Easiteach Yes