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Learn about how we are hurting the planet and what we can do to help - Primary/Intermediate Level


Healthy Eating series of interactive whiteboard screens providing pupils with basic nutritional information related to healthy eating. - Primary/Intermediate Level
Nutrition Healthy eating activities - Primary/Intermediate Level
InnerG Learn about what foods fuel different parts of your body-  Primary/Intermediate Level
Healthy Eating Music Video about food and nutrition
Playground Song Music Video about playing and getting exercise every day
Tooth Family Music Video about teeth


Just for Fun
Christmas Quiz Scorer Allows 2 teams to compete by pressing smartboard button, keeps score
Makebeliefscomix Make your own comics!
Quiz Scorer 4X An extended version of the Whiteboard Quiz Scorer suitable for up to four teams or contestants.
Whiteboard Quiz Scorer Allows 2 teams to compete by pressing smartboard button, keeps score
LiteBrite Simulator Just like the LiteBrite toy we played with as kids.  Works great on the Smartboard.
Befuddlr Befuddlr will take pictures from Flickr (a photo sharing service) and "befuddls" them to create a fun picture puzzle for the kids to solve
Sketch and Paint Allows you to draw, sketch, and paint using various paint tools.  Save your work to your desktop as a .jpeg




Smart Notebook Files Teacher made Smartboard Notebooks for all curriculum areas.  Can be downloaded.  Primary
Smartboard Templates Teacher made Smartboard Notebooks for all curriculum areas.  Can be downloaded.  Primary/Intermediate
Longwood Smartboard Lessons Smartboard Lessons created by Longwood Staff organized by grade level
Scholastic Premade interactive smartboard lessons that can be downloaded
Think Bank Interactive Whiteboard Resources


Social Skills

Bullying Interactive about bullying - Primary/Intermediate Level
Communication Interactive about public speaking, shyness/assertiveness, conflicts – Intermediate Level
Depression Interactive about what to do when you are feeling down - Primary/Intermediate Level
Emotions Interactive about positive and negative emotions – Intermediate Level
Families Interactive about different types of families, responsibilities, family changes – Intermediate Level
Personal ID Interactive about self esteem and body image – Intermediate Level
Relationships Interactive about positive and negative relationships – Intermediate Level
Stress Interactive about stress and dealing with it – Intermediate Level
Facial Expressions Match a facial expression with an emotion – Primary Level
School Interactive about school issues – Intermediate Level
Parents & Teens* This cartoon takes a look at the way parents and teenagers communicate with each other.
Beat the Bullies Game format – quiz about bullying
Bully Roundup Game format – Test your bully smarts
Out on a Limb Interactive guide to getting along with others
Puppet Personality Build a puppet that shows its feelings through body language
Grind Your Mind Game format – Peer Pressure Quiz
Social Skills Mixup at the movies - Conflict
Social Skills Parental Arguments
Eye Spy Game for recognizing facial expressions
Grow Your Chi Self-esteem game
Ripple Effects Dealing with bullies



Spin and Spell Fun game to practice common words – primary/intermediate
Coconut Vowels Game that provides practice in spelling– Intermediate Level
Word Strip Game – move the tiles into place to spell a word
Hangaroo Hangman game with a kangaroo theme
Spell City SpellingCity is a new and innovative interactive educational site that can help children of all ages improve their spelling skills and expand their vocabulary. It can also be used by teachers and parents to teach their students how to spell properly with their own spelling lists.
Spelling Bee Listen to three stories, one at a time, and then spell words from each story. (Gr. 1-8))



Find  the Difference Game format – student sees 2 pictures and finds the differences – Primary Level
Find the Hidden Treasure Pirate themed game similar to Eye Spy – Primary Level
Puzzle Page Presents many different puzzles in varying sizes – Primary/Intermediate Level
Sequence visual discrimination activity – Primary Level
Matching visual discrimination activity – Primary Level
Discrimination Drag the candy back into the Valentine’s Day Box
Hide and Peep Visual memory skills - Primary
Memory Remember shapes given in a specific order
Peep Takes a Walk Talk a walk with Peep and check out your observation skills – Primary
CloudDreamer Use your powers of make-believe to conjure up a cloud of your own design
Visual/Auditory Memory-Trolley Dash See how many items you can remember from your shopping list





Edit Dan’s Copy Interactive activities to edit for capital letters and final punctuation for run-on sentences, quotation marks, and apostrophes - Primary/Intermediate Level
Kerpoof Studio Interactive site to make a picture, movie, card, story, or drawing - Primary/Intermediate Level
Friendly Letter Maker Learn about the parts of a letter and then write your own