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This site is interactive and will allow students and teachers better study health issues.

Health and Safety for Children Ages 1 - 5

Birth -- 3 Years    Learning through Play   * Learning
Promoting Cognitive Development through Play


Center for Disease Control and Prevention


Locate a Neighborhood Pediatrician HealthyChildren.org: Ages & Stages
Baby-Proofing Your Home - the Definitive Guide Keep Kids Safe from Preventable Injuries
Home Fire Prevention & Safety Tips Fire Prevention, Preparedness & Recovery
Parents Central: From Car Seats to Car Keys - Keeping Kids Safe Distracted Driving Prevention Toolkit - for Parents
Videos for Teenagers
Money Wise Teenagers (You tube Videos)

Lesson #1 - Scarcity and Alternatives

Lesson #6 - Benefit/Cost Analysis

Lesson #2 - Budget and Opportunity Cost

Lesson #7 - Human Capital
Lesson #3 - Credit and the Margin Lesson #8 - Why Save? Compound Interest
Lesson #4 - Benefit/Cost Analysis Lesson #9
Lesson #5 - The How and Why of Prices Lesson #10 - Paying for College
 Guide to Home Safety
Falls Prevention
Poison Prevention
  • What is a Poison? – Through this resource, readers will gain a basic understanding of what a poison is, what they should do if they are exposed to a poisonous substance, and how to protect the family from poisoning.

  • List of Common Household Poisons – A list of items typically found around the home that if ingested, may be poisonous.

  • Poison Prevention Information – A webpage with simple safety rules to keep children away from poisonous chemicals found in the home. This page also includes the phone number for the Poison Control Help Line and space for you to fill in your doctor and hospital’s contact information.

  • Winter Holiday and Poison prevention tips  – A checklist for children, parents and grandparents with helpful tips to keep kids safe over the Holidays.

  • Poison Control Tips for whole family -  Printable document

  • Poison-Proof Your Home – A list of safety practices that can be implemented to keep children away from household poisons. This also includes information about what to do, should a child ingest or be exposed to a poisonous chemical.

  • All About Poisons for Kids – A website for kids with basic information about poisons and why they are dangerous.

  • Household Safety: Poison Prevention – Information for kids and teens about poisons and storage tips to prevent poisoning.

  • Poison ID Game – Test your knowledge of household poisons with this easy to play picture game.

  • The Poison Prevention Detection Game – An educational poison review game for kids. Drop and drag the “Poison” and “Not Poison”s to the correct box.


Choking & Suffocation Prevention


Fire Prevention
  • Kid’s Fire Prevention – A kid-friendly website all about fire safety and prevention. With tons of information and games available, learning about fire safety can be both fun and informative.

  • Fire Prevention with Sparky! – Sparky has great games and information for kids to help keep them safe in the event of a fire.

  • Smokey The Bear – This classic fire prevention spokes-bear has helped teach children about fire safety for decades.

  • Fire Safety and Prevention Activities – A collection of online activities for kids to help them understand the importance of fire safety.

  • Five Fire Safety Rules – These are the five most important rules to follow if you see a fire or hear the fire alarm.

  • The Fire Safety Handbook – Helpful information about fires, common causes and what to do in the event of a fire.

  • All About Fire Safety – An informational webpage with everything you need to know about fire safety, including common fire starters, safe escape measures and FAQs.

  • Campfire Safety – Camping is fun, but it is important to know how to have a campfire safely.

  • Fire Safety Resources – A collection of links all about fire safety and prevention for children.

  • Kitchen Fire Prevention – A list of tips and information to help families avoid kitchen fires.

  • A Kitchen Fire Simulator – This tool can show how a kitchen fire starts and progresses at rapid speeds. Use proper fire safety to avoid kitchen fires in your home.


Baby/Toddler Safety


Learn! How Exercise can Transform our Schools

Youtube video

While exercise in good for the body, Dr. John J. Ratey, MD, argues it is more important for the brain, especially when it comes to students in the classroom. Citing scientific studies and real world examples, this internationally recognized expert in the brain-exercise connection demonstrates how we can raise test scores, lower behavioral problems, and help the overall well-being of today's students with fitness based physical education.
Amazing Food Detective Must use Firefox or Chrome.      

Nursing career guide website

Willoughby-Eastlake School of Practical Nursing

  1. Second Hand Smoke  - Sent to us from a student in Arizona who is making a difference in everyone's life around the world.
  2. Adolescent Health On-Line - posted by the American Medical Association.
  3. The Brain  This website will allow you to explore the brain in detail with 3D and at different ages.
  4. American Heart Association - Family Health
  5. A Puff Doesn't Make You Cool Stuff - Project -based lesson using Excel.
  6. A Brush Chart which can be printed and colored. A reminder to brush your teeth at least twice a day.
  7. Your Body - From growing up to getting braces, popping pimples to catching some ZZZs, this section gives you the basics on your changing body - from head to toe. For teens.
  8. Bio Medical Lab - The Walker - See how one walks when variables are moved. Interactive site.
  9. "Bright Smiles, Bright Futures." Tooth care from Colgate (Caution: You must register to use this site)
  10. Calories - How many calories am I burning when I exercise?
  11. Drugs and Alcohol - A 13-issue soap opera comic book about young people dealing with substance abuse and addiction.
  12. Drug Database - Prescription, Nonprescription and Herbal medicine database collections from Web MD
  13. Drug Information - Find information about more than 7,000 prescription and over-the-counter medications, including common uses of a drug, the proper ways to use the medicine, possible side effects, and other helpful information.
  14. Drug Testing - Withstanding the test of time -NCAA drug-testing program has been more than an effective deterrent for substance abuse
  15. Drug Use in Sports - links to articles about drug usage in sports.
  16. Fighting Disease: Health At The End Of The Millennium - Another Wired Curriculum from The United Nations CyberSchoolBus
  17. First Aid Action - Packed with practical, up-to-the-minute advice, the course lets you learn at your own pace
  18. Health Canada's Homework Central - human body information
  19. Health Career Abbreviations - Matching game
  20. Health Information explained by Health Touch On-Line
  21. Health Lesson Plans for Block Scheduling - Integrate health with other subject areas.
  22. Health Lesson Plans from the Educator's Reference Desk
  23. Health News daily from the New York Times
  24. Health Resource Directory from Health Touch On-Line
  25. The Heart - Online Exploration
  26. How High will it Fly? - Incorporate Science into your P.E program.
  27. InteliHealth - Interactive Tools, Quizzes, and Illustrations.
  28. KidsHealth.org has trainloads of information on infections, behavior & emotions, food & fitness, and growing up healthy, as well as cool games and animation
  29. Live Healthier, Live Longer - the relationship between cholesterol and coronary heart disease.
  30. Martindale's Health Science Guide containing over 52,000 teaching files
  31. Mind over Matter - Help adolescents learn about the effects of drug abuse on the body and the brain.
  32. OnHealth: Your Personal Guide to Health - Special reports and news items related to health are the focus of this site. The conditions database offers a wealth of information. Acne, AIDS, and Alzheimer's are just a few I found in the A category of their conditions database.
  33. PDR Family Guide to Prescription Drugs - Look up any prescription drug.
  34. Quackwatch - Your Guide to Health Fraud, Quackery, and Intelligent Decisions
  35. Walk in My Shoes - an activity project that reaches across generations and teaches young people about growing older and the physical changes that occur with age.
  36. What's your Real Age? - Your RealAge is the biological age of your body, based on how well you've maintained it. Take this online quiz



  1. Aerobic and Anaerobic - the difference between aerobic and anaerobic training
  2. A Twist on Aerobic Exercise - The difference between aerobic and anaerobic training.
  3. Baseball - The History of Baseball
  4. Basketball - The History of Basketball
  5. Body Conditioning - Article about conditioning the body
  6. BodyWeight Exercising - Making Bodyweight Exercises More Challenging
  7. Bodies in Motion, Mind at Rest - A Thinkquest site
  8. Awesome Library: Physical Education - lesson plans, papers and projects
  9. Coaches' Training Bulletin - Sports Coach - Inside: the complete guide to successful coaching
  10. Cross Country Running - History of the sport
  11. Why Am I Dehydrated? - Get yourself a glass of water and keep reading to find out!
  12. Elementary Physical Education Page of the Omaha Public Schools! Skills have been identified and supplemental activities for many skills have been located.
  13. The Exercise and Physical Fitness Page - Georgia State University
  14. ElectriKids - Lesson plans, games and quizzes.
  15. Energizers - Classroom-based physical activities (PDF files to download K-2, 3-5, K-5)
  16. Ethics -Is the Use of Advanced Materials in Sports Equipment Unethical? - have students debate pros and cons
  17. Exercise Targeted Areas of the Body - Interactive site that gives suggestions for activites for various body part fitness.
  18. Sports and Physical Education Resources - Posted by McNeese State University
  19. Field Hockey - The rules of the game.
  20. Fit4Fun- Kids' Fitness - Game instructions in text format.
  21. Fitness Standards - Healthy Fitness Zones - PDF file
  22. Football- The rules of the game.
  23. Games
    1. ElectriKids - Lesson plans, games and quizzes.
    2. Games for Kids - Kid Games, Teen Games, Tag Games, and Water Games
    3. Games and Exercises - GoAnimal games, designed to be primal, practical and above all, playful
    4. Games and more - worksheets, lesson plans, and ideas (scroll down to see the list)
    5. Games Kids Play - All those games you played as kid out in the backyard
    6. Gametime Enterprises - Skill Games
    7. Great Game List - Children's Games
    8. Jump into a Healthy Life - Jumprope Thinkquest
    9. Outdoor Games for kids - Many ideas
    10. Parachute Games - Ideas on how to use this in class.
    11. PE Activities - Many game ideas. (Caution: This site may be blocked by some school filters)
    12. P.E. Ideas - Ideas to use for PE.
    13. Playground Games around the World - Ideas and games for outdoors
  24. Girl Power - Sports and Fitness
  25. Injuries - How to deal with sports injuries - MDAdvice.com is an award winning internet-based medical site providing highest-quality health information
  26. Listservs related to health and PE with instructions on how to subscribe.
  27. Line Dancing - Step by Step directions (Caution: This site may be blocked by some school filters)
  28. Making Bodyweight Exercises More Challenging - Information on how to do bodyweight exercises; discusses form
  29. Muscles - What is a muscle and how does it work?
  30. Muscles - Strength Training - How many reps
  31. Muscle Weight - 7 Rules to Follow
  32. PE Central - The Ultimate Web Site for Health and Physical Education Teachers. Weekly activities, lesson plans and lots of links.
  33. Physical Activity Cards - Learn what muscle groups and parts of the body are involved in each sport along with instructions on how to play.
  34. Physical Education Interval Workout - Lesson Plan
  35. Physical Education Lesson Plans
  36. Physical Education Lesson Plans - Units on various topics
  37. Physical Education Lesson Ideas
  38. Physical Education Lesson Plan Page - The page is stored on a free server and if it is overviewed, Tripod (the free server people), will turn the page off for about two hours.
  39. Physical Education Elementary Lesson Ideas - Omaha Public Schools
  40. Sports Info - Information on over 30 sports.
  41. Sportsmanship - Learn the ways to be a good sport from this NBA Jr. site.
  42. Sportsmanship Education - guide to promoting Sportsmanship in your school.
  43. National Sportsmanship Day - Sign up for this year's event!
  44. Teaching Good Sportsmanship - from the Family Education Network
  45. Volleyball - Mastering the skills
  46. Weight Training and Strength Training Exercises -



  1. 5 a Day from Dole - Nutrition education and fun activities for kids. In the virtual classroom students have daily assignments for a week. One example, "If you were in charge of your school cafeteria, what fruits and vegetables would serve?"
  2. Apple Juice on the Internet - Welcome from AJ and the Jammin' Juicers!
  3. Calorie Calculator - enter a food item and get information on calories
  4. FDA's Center for Food Safety and Applied Nutrition
  5. Dietary Guidelines for Americans from the USDA
  6. Eating Disorders from The American Anorexia/Bulimia Association, Inc.
  7. Food Fit has a really nice food pyramid, and a good explanation of each group.
  8. Fat Free Recipe Collection - Browse by topic, or search by keyword.
  9. Food Allergy Network - Read daily tips and product alerts.
  10. Food Pyramid for Kids (.pdf format)
  11. The Healthy Refrigerator - Open the door to a healthy heart.
  12. Healthy Weight Network - scientific information on eating and weight
  13. Index of Food and Nutrition Internet Resources - Compiled by the Food and Nutrition Information Center of the USDA.
  14. Leafy Greens - The National Leafy Greens Council provides market, nutritional, and educational information to consumers, produce growers and produce buyers. Promotional materials such as their Leafy Greens Lesson Plans encourage students to understand the nutritional benefits and the cancer-fighting elements of leafy greens
  15. Milk - Where's your mustache?
  16. Nutrition Explorations - Kid-friendly site. The fun and easy way to learn about nutrition.



Ohio Action for Healthy Kids Physical Activity Toolkit


 CDC Health Information A to Z


 BAM! (Body and Mind)


PBS Kids (Media literacy Web Site)



Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids




 MyPyramid Food Guidance System


 Nutrition Data (nutritional analysis)




KIDSAID (grief and loss support)


McGruff (National Crime Prevention Council)


Sparky.org (National Fire Protection Association)


National Organization for Youth Safety


National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA)


President's Challenge


Suicide Prevention, Intervention, Research, Education (American Association of Suicidology)


Healthy Schools/Healthy Youth


Office of the Surgeon General


Find Youth Info


Kid's Health (for Kids, Teens, and Parents)





The following links may fit better with the other random links that are currently posted at the bottom of the Academics: Classroom Links page (the links on the very bottom that are more geared towards Teachers...rather than up top with the other resources that are geared more for students)


Free resources for educational excellence


CDC Health Information A to Z


Effective Programs in Reducing Youth Risk Behaviors, CDC


NIH Health Information Index


National Alliance for Nutrition and Activity (NANA)


Mayo Clinic


National Highway Traffic Safety Administration



Internet Safety from Disney.com


American School Health Association


Center for Health and Health Care in Schools


Action for Healthy Kids


National Association of School Nurses


National School Boards Association---School Health Programs


Robert Wood Johnson Foundation


Society of State Directors of Health, Physical Education, and Recreation


U.S. Department of Agriculture's Team Nutrition Website




Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA)


Preventing Drug Abuse Among Children and Adolescents


Effective Teen Pregnancy Prevention Programs


Center for the Study and Prevention of Violence




American Diabetes Association


American Dental Association (classroom activities for teachers)