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Games and Interactive Sites

Earth Day Teaching Resources- a collection of resources from Science Netlinks

Decorate Grocery Bags and share the Earth Day message with citizens by returning the bags to store for use. (K-2)

Earth Day Every Day (grades 3-5)

Environmental Kids Club uses art, coloring, comics, stories and games to involve kids in environmental science.

earthdaynetwork - 41th Anniversary of Earth Day

Global Warming and Climate Change

Earth Day Lesson Activities from Smart Board

The Dynamic Earth is brought to you by the Smithsonian Natural Museum of Natural History.  This is a phenomenal site with both a multi-media version and a print version.  There are excellent picture and instruction on Gems and Minerals, Rocks and Mining, Plate Tectonics and Volcanoes, and The Solar System.

Choose your lesson plan for Earth Day from the lesson plans page.  This site contain a large variety of lesson for all curriculum strands and all grade levels.

Think Earth Foundation - These partnerships result in tangible ways for people to “Think Earth,” that is, for people to:
  • Conserve natural resources
  • Reduce waste
  • Minimize pollution

PlanetPals has many activities and ideas to you plan an Earth Day Event.

Calculate your carbon footprint with a Carbon Calculator.  Information about carbon footprints may be found at the following:  Edutopia, Math and Science lessons from Bright Hub, Microsoft, and

The Teacher's Guide has many resources for celebrating  Earth Day.

The Environmental History Timeline

Earth Day online games at Kaboose

Make another trip to Seussville to help the Lorax "Save the Trees"!

Earth Day from  A to Z Kids Stuff  This site focuses on children ages 2 to 6.

Earth Day is almost here! To recognize this special day -- April 22 -- Education World offers five original lesson plans that will engage students in creating maps of an astronaut's view of Earth, exploring issues of junk mail and hazardous household waste, and learning about endangered species.

Earth Day Is Every Day from National Geographic

My Earth Day Grocery Bag - from ReadWriteThink allows students plan environmental messages used to decorate paper grocery bags for Earth Day. There is also space for sketching illustrations for their projects.

A to Z Teacher Stuff has an impressive selection of Earth Day activities

A brief description of items to recycle and what should not be recycles .

Earth 911 gives excellent information on many aspects for protection of earth.

Test your Environmental Knowledge

Teacher Vision has printables, lesson plans and more to help celebrate EARTH DAY.

How the First Earth Day Came to Be

Earth Day.gov This is a portal for earth day activities for the classroom with links for teachers and students

Energy Kid's Page for the classroom has many activities for every grade level.  Activities are divided by grade level groupings.

All About Earth Day

Celebrating Earth Day with Kids

On the Trail of the Missing Ozone - Comic book format is excellent for younger children

Happy Earth Day Coloring and Activity Book

Earth Day at Planet Pals

Getting Green Field Trip

Caring for the Earth from EdHelper

The History of Earth Day

A Carbon Footprint (2 minute video) 

Your Ecological Footprint video quiz format 

Games and Interactive Sites

ElectroCity Play this cool collection of games from the Science Museum in London
Garbage Dumptown
Water Busters Wasted! Stop Rubbish from taking over your life.
Recycle City Ozone Science Crossword Puzzle
Earth Day Game Coloring pages and Writing Activities
Clean Up Your World The Lorax's Save the Trees Game
Hogbusters EcoKids
Recycle a card game for ages 8 - 12 The Green Squad
Design your car and run it on a test track Earth Day Pay Day Game
How much CO2 Is Too Much Earth Day Games and Stories