Creating Story and Documentary



Creating Digital Stories and Documentary for presentations


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Creating a Digital Story Book and Documentary  

The videos are in order making it easy for you  to create your story.

Video 1  Introduction

EXAMPLE (1)   Stuck in a Tree

Video 2 Background for book




Video 3 Photos and text box

EXAMPLE  (2)     Taking Care of Teddy

Video 4 Creating your video




Video 4A Detail on creating video

EXAMPLE  (3)  The Surprise

Video 5 Save as word & PDF



Video 6 Story in Adobe

Documentaries by Teacher and student

Use the Photos from  the  websites listed below if you need photos for your stories Teacher Egyptian Cartoon Answers to video
Student Video on Freedom of Speech and Litigation  
I normally look at the photos first and then decided what my story will be on.  You may also obtain your photos from your camera or choose any place you would like. Choose  one of the following you may want to use to create your digital story.  A microphone is need unless your using a laptop that has one built in.

1.  Smart Board Recorder (comes with Smart software) FREE

2.  Screen Recorder Screen Cast-O- Matic  This is free software on this website to use and will quickly install.  FREE

3.  Camtaisa  -  You may download this and test it out on your computer as a free trial.  To keep it past 30 days you will have to pay for it.


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