Creating  Stories Using 
Power Point and Art




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Office Power Point 2010 Movie

Creating a movie using Power Point.  You must have Office 2010 to do this as the video will Illustrate.  You will also find a PDF file with directions to accompany the video. 



This will allow a teacher to create an end of the year video very easily.

This is a great tool to author your own work.  

PDF Video 18 Min long

Creating a Movie Story

The items listed on the right will be needed to create a story.  You may use Power Point, Smart Notebook or Word to design your story.  The video listed below will provide you with some basic concepts in creating your story.








Steps in creating a story

1.  Go to the Art  website Page  Or

2.  Go to Animation website Page

3.  Open up Power Point

4.  Video and voice

a.  Smart Video Recorder

b. Screen Recorder Screen Cast-O- Matic  This is free software on this website to use and will quickly install.  FREE

5.  Microphone