Quizizz This will be a huge asset to your class


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1. Easier and more fun to create than Kahoot and the students will love it.

2. Eight easy game setting to provide the teacher with more control. Some 
    listed below!

     a. Jumble order of questions and answers per student.

   b. Show answers after question

   c. Show Quiz Review

     d. Show Memes  ... Funny pictures after each question

3. Big difference Students may work at their own pace

4. You may assign Lesson quiz for home work. (Engage the family)


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  1.  You create lessons that are fun and easy to use in class or for homework.  The lessons will work on any computer device.
  2. You may have your older students in the upper grades create their own lesson.  Engaged learning


Instructional videos how Quizzizz works

Step by step video tutorials for you in detail.  I will keep them simple and to the point so you do not waste any time.  You'll be a #Quizizz Wiz in no time!

Introduction video

Creating your lesson

Teleporting a lesson copy
lesson questions for others

Using Snipping Tool to Copy for your quiz

Using the Snipping Tool to place objects any where in your document.

Organizing your Lessons

Video 1

Video - 2

Video - 3

Video - 3B

Video - 3C

Video -  4

The example lessons are on line below until
Nov. 14  2:00 PM then I will  have to extend them another week.
I will try to update and provide you with examples as often as I can.  You will discover by using this lesson that you have uncovered a great method of getting your lessons across to your students and have fun doing so.
Fractions  K - 3 Science 1 - 3 Social Studies  1 - 4

Algebra 5 - 7

Famous Movie


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