4th Grade
Common Core Science

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Earth and Space Science


Earth's Surface

  1. Earthís surface has specific characteristics and landforms that can be identified.

  2. The surface of Earth changes due to weathering.

  3. The surface of Earth changes due to erosion and deposition.

  1. Earth's Resources-McGraw Hill vocabulary games, animated summary, quizzes, and videos.  This link will bring you to rocks and minerals, soil, and using earth's resources.  EXCELLENT
  2. Weathering and Climate-weathering overview.
  3. Become a Storm Spotter from home
  4. Weathering and Soil-A slideshow with great visuals of weathering.
  5. Shape it Up-Each round, you'll see two pictures of land formations. The picture on the left is your starting terrain. The picture on the right is your GOAL.
  6. Weathering  Almost anywhere we look we see landscapes sculpted y process of weathering.
  7. Weathering Video-featuring Tim and Moby
  8. Rocks and Weathering- Animation tutorial
  9. Weathering of Minerals-  This is a weathering lecture covering: 1. Weathering vs. Erosion 2. Joints: Setting the stages  3.  Physical (Mechanical) Weathering
  10. Weathering-Rocks are eroded and washed away by wind and water. sediment. Weathering & Erosion.
  11. Story Books for Science  4 Stars


Physical Science


Electricity, Heat, and Matter  


  1. The total amount of matter is conserved when it undergoes a change.

  2. Heat results when substances burn, when certain kinds of materials rub against each other, and when electricity flows through wires.




  1. Changing Matter-The model makes several assumptions which you might like to think about.
  2. States of Matter-States of matter and phase changes.
  3. Mr. Breaker's Lab-by the end of this course you will be able to:  Describe matter, the three different states of matter and how matter can change states.
  4. Change of State-Can you turn ice to water or water to ice?
  5. Safe at Home with Leo-learn about properties of matter.
  6. I Know That (Matter)-Illustrations of matter.
  7. States of Matter Game-Move the containers so that the falling phases are sorted correctly into solid, liquid, or gas.  Once 2 characteristics for each state have been sorted correctly , you can continue to level 2.  Use your arrow keys to move the containers.
  8. Harcourt School Publishers-animation of solid liquids and gasses.
  9. States of Matter Animation-animation and explanation of states of matter.
  10. Heat Transfer-Conduction is the transfer of heat between substances that are in direct contact with each other.
  11. NSTA Interactive: Specific Heat-Specific heat simulates and experiment that demonstrates the different heat capacitates of land and water.
  12. Story Books for Science  4 Stars


Life Science


Earth's Living History

  1. Changes in an organismís environment are sometimes beneficial to its survival and sometimes harmful.

  2. Fossils can be compared to one another and to present day organisms according to their similarities and differences.

  1. Surviving in Ecosystems-McGraw Hill vocabulary games, animated summary, quizzes, and videos.  This link will bring you to animal adaptations, plants and their surroundings, and and changes in ecosystems.  EXCELLENT
  2. Living Fossils-Living fossils are plants or animals that closely resemble species known from fossils.
  3. Fossils Through Time-Choose a time period to see what life was like.
  4. How a Fish turns into a fossil - No sound, video clip
  5. Life has a history-Life has changed during Earth's long history.
  6. How a Fish turns into a fossil - no sound, video clip
  7. The Mysteries of Life-video with Tim and Moby.
  8. Dinosaur Interactive-Virtual dinosaur dig interactive.
  9. What are Fossils?-video on fossils
  10. This Discovery-Dig around the site!  Discover hidden clues to how the fossil was found and excavated. 
  11. How fossils are formed-A story of how fossils are formed.
  12. Fossil Memory Matching Game-click to find matching fossils.
  13. Create Your Own Fossil-Fossilization Fossil Fabrication machine.  Create your own fossil and learn how they are created over time.
  14. How to Age a Fossil-Story about how to age a fossil.
  15. Story Books for Science  4 Stars