2nd Grade
Common Core Science

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Earth and Space Science (ESS)


The Atmosphere



  1. The atmosphere is made up of air.

  2. Water is present in the air.

  3. Long- and short-term weather changes occur due to changes in energy.

  1. VideoWhat causes the earths seasons
  2. Cycles in Nature This is a useful web site with lots of good info on a student level. Topics cover Day and Night, Seasonal Changes, The Phases of the Moon and Tides. Besides just info, the site also has suggested activities, helpful illustrations, and related poetry.
  3. Energy from the Sun  This is an animation of why we have changes in the Atmosphere
  4. Water Cycle   Illustration of water in the atmosphere
  5. Places where water accumulates in the water cycle
  6. Hydrogencycle  Illustration of the complete cycle
  7. Where does all the water come from?   Animation explaining where the water comes from.  Water Cycle
  8. Changes in the Earth    are caused by!
  9. Energy Balance  This site illustrates this concept.
  10. Difference between weather and climate.  This animation will allow the students to view the difference.
  11. Our Planet has a feverVery interesting site for 21st century learning.
  12. Weather fronts   Animation
  13. Great video of the Solar System  4 Stars
  14. Story Books for Science  4 Stars


Physical Science (PS)


Changes in Motion  


  1. Forces change the motion of an object.




  1. Mouse Trap Racer   You will design and build your own racer using change in motion of an object by force
  2. Balance and unbalance forces.   You will view a graph showing this
  3. Amusement park ride  You design a rollercoaster  Animation showing motion
  4. Projectile Motion  Change in force, motion and angle of an object
  5. Newton's  Law   Good animation showing his laws.
  6. Energy in Motion    Animation about energy in motion.


Life Science (LS)


Interactions within Habitats



  1. Living things cause changes on Earth.

  2. Some kinds of individuals that once lived on Earth
    have completely disappeared, although they were something like others that are alive today.

  1. Seasonal Changes caused by animals
  2. Earth's Time Line    This site shows who once lived on the planet and are not gone.
  3. Theory of Evolution   This site covers quite a bit about evolution
  4. Living Things   This site illustrates this concept  All animation with interactive quiz
  5. The American Museum of Natural History   You will discover many areas here to explore with your students.
  6. The American Museum and Living Things.   Just a direct jump to living things
  7. Deep Sea Living    You get to find living animals
  8. Looking at Living things Looking through a Microscope. You must determine if your students are mature enough to appreciate this website.  It is very good. 
  9. Signs of life    Animation explains this concept.
  10.  The 7 Characteristics of Life   Animation
  11.   Food chains who eats what?  
  12.  Spot the living things!  Interactive animation
  13. Characteristics of Living things Fun but maybe to difficult for your students
  14. What's your soil IQ   Very good
  15. What killed the dinosaurs   One of the greatest puzzles in Paleontology
  16. Animals  How animals meet their needs - Primary Level
  17. Story Books for Science  4 Stars
  18. Cleveland Zoo
  19. Guide to Endangered and Threatened Animals