1st Grade
Common Core Science


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Sun, Energy and Weather

  1. The sun is the principal source of energy.

  2. The physical properties of water change.

  1. Video on Night and Day  -   You will witness the Earth and the Sun as the Earth Rotates. 4 stars
  2. As the Earth Turns - Students learn that day and night are caused by the rotation of the Earth.  (Author - Sandi King)
  3. Eye on the Sky - the scientist (your student) is asked to enter weather observations. Based on the entries, a summary of conditions is compiled.
  4. Engaging Science-Explore science topics with our fun, interactive, on-line games. Inspired by well-tested, hands-on classroom activities from our Engaging Science teacher workshops.
  5. Earth, Sun, and Moon-Learn about the Earth, Sun & Moon's orbits as you experiment with different dates and times in this fun activity for kids.
  6. Water Changes States -  Website to show this.
  7. Water Science -  Outstanding website covering water.
  8. Great video of the Solar System  4 Stars
  9. Story Books for Science  4 Stars



Physical Science



Motion and Materials

  1. Properties of objects and materials change.

  2. Objects can be moved in a variety of ways, such as
    straight, zigzag, circular, and back and forth.

  1. Materials -  This website will present many different forms of materials.
  2. Video on objects moving a variety of ways.
  3. Properties of materials change.   Outstanding site. 4 star
  4. Looking at solid-liquid- gas


Life Science


Basic Needs of Living Things

  1. Living things have basic needs, which are met by  obtaining materials from the physical environment.

  2. Living things survive only in environments that meet their needs.

  1. Food Chains-Learn about various living things such as animals and plants, sort them into different categories and discover where they fit into the food chain with this fun science activity for kids.
  2. How Plants Grow-Learn about how plants grow by experimenting with this interactive science activity.
  3. Plants and Animals-Learn about plants & animals as you spot them in an outdoor scene, discover more about where plants and animals live as well as other interesting facts.
  4. Life Cycle -  This Smart Board lesson covers it all.
  5. Ant Trails  -  Outstanding site to learn about physical environment.
  6. Helping Plants grow   -  This website show the student how this works
  7. Story Books for Science  4 Stars