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Word Construction Common and Proper Nouns Character Actions/Traits
Action is Character
Reading Genres
Literary Genres Word Search Fill in the Gap -Right Word Word to Word
Read and Choose Novels grade 5 Grammar and Punctuation Words and Spellings


Class Timer

Teachers' ToolKit
Math Videos
Free Multiplication Videos

Johnnie's Math Page Johnnie's Math Videos "Solving the Fraction Problem"
"Wacky Worm Fractions"
Greater than Less than Parts of a Graph AngleMania Multiplication Story Problems
Unit of Measure Average/Mean Multiplication Story Problem Checking Division
Congruent Concentration Polygons Multiplication Games Dragable Math
Carroll 4 - Multiples Illuminations Baseball Multiplication Multiplication Madness
Magnetic Numbers Order of Operations Problem Solving Crack the Safe - Problem Solving
Cram Web Math Tic Tac Go Extra Practice Rock Hopper
Finding Area Area of a Parallelogram Area of a Square Area of a Circle
Area of a Rectangle Area of Objects Finding Perimeter Math Smart Lessons
Perimeter Triangle Properties Geometry Manipulatives "How to Find the Area of a Triangle" - video
"Shapes/Perimeter" Video Perimeter Explorer Perimeter and Area Calculate the Area of a Rectangle
Area Explorer Shape Explorer Area & Perimeter Relating Area & Perimeter
Funbrain - Area & Perimeter Adam Ant Explorer Perimeter Area & Perimeter Math Zone

Social Studies

50 States and Capitals
Cartoon Song
Primary and Secondary Sources Native Americans - Map EarlyExplorers
Explorer Trading Cards Explorers - Enchanted Learning Kid Info Explorers Road to Revolution Game
American Revolution
Timeline Game
American Revolution PowerPoints Map of the United States Drag the State Name onto the Map
Making Chocolate How People Make . . . Story of How We Get Milk Be President for a Day
How a Bill Becomes a Law US Government PowerPoints Timelines Ancient Egypt


NASA 50 Years 

Simple Machines Electric Circuits Thermometer-Celsius Rocks
Body Systems Scientific Method Sites Scientific Method Scientific Method Song
Scientific Method Lab Kids Saving Energy Energy Sources Energy Pyramids
Energy Pyramids - Quia Science Online Biomes Movie Biomes of the World
Magnus Magnet Magnets and Springs Label the Insect Quizzes
Science Songs Science Zone Gamequarium  


Sing Along Songs Kids Music Patriotic Songs Music SmartBoard