Hit Counter

A simple online calculator with paper tape

This calculator will allow you to calculate numbers and present them in paper format.  You may also copy the numbers and printout a hard copy in word.

On line Paper calculator

This site holds many different calculators for all to use.
Convert PDF to Doc This site will allow you to convert a pdf to a word document allowing you to edit the file.  Just follow the 4 steps.  Your converted file will be sent to your email from where you may down load it.

Unscramble words

Unscramble a word.  You may use this website to do just that. Type in the word you wish to unscramble and wtch it work.

Instructional Video
Down Load Videos

This video will provide directions allowing you to download all videos from YOUTUBE very easy! You may find this blocked at school!

Where is my Cell Phone?

You cannot find your cell phone and you have no land line at home.  This website will allow you to call your phone from your computer to hear it ring.

Pixabay Photos

 Outstanding resource for everyone!  Great site to to find public domain pictures


This site will allow you to modify a blank calendar for the month or year for your use.

Create a WEB white board

Free   Create a white board from a computer, tablet or smart pone to easy draw sketches, collaborate with others.


Free  This website is free and will allow you to download files from YouTube.  It is on line and will allow you the opportunity to not only down load but also store your file where you want to.


Welcome to our Video to Sound Converter! Exclusively at VidtoMP3.com
Scroll down to start turning your video or music video files (from YouTube, MegaVideo, etc) into MP3 files. Download YouTube videos or convert YouTube to MP3.

Convert Wav to WMA

This website will provide you with the ability to convert Online Audio Converter (MP3, WAV,Ogg, WMA, AAC) FREE   --- needed if you are going to place music in your power point video.  You may only use WMA format.

Convert Smart Notebook to ActiveInspire

This website will provide you with a short video on converting Smart notebook to Active Inspire.

Convert Activespire to Smart notebook

This short video will provide you with how to convert these two formats
English to Croatian English to Croatian translator
Google Translator Translator that will assist you in converting for you and your students.
Translator into  most languages Translator for keying in and converting to most languages.  Easy and simple
Speed Test This site will provide for you a speed test to check out your Internet connection.
Photo Resizer   XP This site will allow you to reduce the size of your photo and still keep the orignal size.  It is designed for Windows XP
Photo Resizer Win 7 This site will allow you to reduce the size of your photo and still keep the orignal size.  It is designed for Windows 7

Certificate Builder for Teachers

An outstanding website allowing you to create many certificates for all occasions.

On line teaching

Allows teacher and student to connect on line.  Free using 21st Century learning.





Dropbox Link VIDEO PDF This web site will allow you to upload and down load from anywhere in the world.  You are limited to 2Gig.  Almost replaces a Flash Drive.
VIDEO FOR LABELS FOR A FIELD TRIP BLANK LABEL You will discover a video and a blank label in Microsoft word  to assist you in making labels for your students prior to a field trip.  This is an easy way to make sure all students have some form of Identification.


Video -1  Introduction


Video -2  Setting up your assignments Video - 3 
Calendar and Students logging in
Class Tools Many activities that you may create for your class
Game Board Website printout your own games.  This site will allow your students to have fun learning and creating a game at the same time.  They may design the questions and answers to what ever your teaching.
SMART BOARD SMARTY This website is designed to assist you when you are working with smart board technology tools.  It will provide you with tools and examples.

Google Applications for Teachers

You will find the following and much more when you download this PDF file.  Classroom tools, Classroom activities, Printable Posters,  many different forms of searches on the web, (Advanced search which will save you hours of searching time)  and much much more!

Manual  PDF

This scanner will allow you to copy the following:

1  Word Documents - Convert a hard copy to a soft copy so you do not have to retype it over again!
2.  Photos: Copy photos like you normally do
3.  Copy machine - Copy a document or photo and print it out on a printer.

Lesson Planner Template for OTES Walkthrough

Walkthrough Classroom Observation is a powerful yet efficient way for administrators and teachers to observe instructional strategies and interactions in their classrooms or other learning environments. Although the process is simple, the data profile generated over time provides a wealth of information that school can use to strengthen instruction and improve student outcomes.


Upload photos to make animation GIFs  Simple with directions.  All on line

Coupons to printout

This website will allow you to save major amounts of money.  Please do not print out coupons until you get home.


This website will allow you to save money printing out coupons.

The Free Dictionary

Use this free dictionary to look up word definitions, thesaurus, idioms, and how to pronounce words plus much more.

Grand Illusions

This website will provide you with some ideas on different areas of instruction that are outside the box.

Teachers Pay Teaches

This website will  allow you to browse and obtain lessons, activities, handouts.


Embarrass your friends all year long with funny cards and videos.


Google Urls from around the world.

Video Lesson

A short video on how to change your down load folder for files that you will be downloading from email or the Internet.  Down load item then hit Control J and look for options in lower left corner of screen.

Name for birthdays - Jewelry - More

Placing  names of your students on birthday cakes and other items.  Once done down load the photo and printout for all student birthdays.