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LSI   Life Science Investigation.  

LSI: Life Science Investigation- Attack of the Alien Invaders is a new multi-media classroom resource which utilizes the recent news story of the “Asian carp” threat to the Great Lakes as a way to hook students into a better understanding of the life science benchmarks and indicators contained within Ohio’s middle grade science standards.


Life Science Investigation Website
This website will illustrate many different concepts dealing with Physics.  You will discover more science than physics here great web page.


You will discover another web page hosting many lessons in Physics.  A must see by any Science Teacher

 Physics Lessons

Discover the Hubble and Interactive time line -  Classroom Activates and much more

  Mysteries of Deep Space

Learn about Cells

Cells Alive

A very neat tool for comparing the size of a coffee bean to the size of an atom. Interactive              Cell size and Scale  


Physics -  This website contains many links that will assist a teacher or student in the classroom.

High School Physics

Many links have been saved on this site allowing you to present forms of energy. There is almost an endless number of examples listed for you to use.  Take the time to view this one.

Physics: Forms of Energy

Make test to determine the following Acids - Alkalis - Neutralization

Litmus Reactions

This website will allow the teacher to present and the student to view many if not all different forms or weather.  

Weather animation Comprehensive