This is an evaluation web page.  We are hoping that if successful this web page may become permanent in assisting teachers who need support in this area of education.   We would however suggest that you go back to the state standards web page for extensive detailed help at present.  You will find obtainable lessons there that you may recommend to your student in areas of additional instruction. You will find all grade levels listed with complete  areas of study.

All areas of studies are organized by the State of Ohio Standards with indicators, prearranged with valuable websites to choose from.   Should you not find a lesson to facilitate you or your student, please email the person below and he will provide you with assistance.  Please understand that you should identify your child's difficulties first and incorporate a website to address these problems.

Please note:   Not All of the lessons on this page will require that the user utilizes Smart Board Software.   Look for the NSB for "No Smart Board" needed

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Description Lesson
Counting Money Lesson
Area Lesson
Comparing Fractions Lesson
Addition A Sensory Approach   Lesson
Math Trail This is a simple yet fun math project that will allow the student to add and subtract.
Math Trail 2 This is a simple yet fun math project that will allow the student to add and subtract a little harder than 1.
Math Trail 3 This is a simple yet fun math project that will allow the student to add and subtract larger numbers



Description Lesson
Pinocchio moving scenes Lesson 1
Doors shapes and keys Lesson 1



Description Lesson
Blending Syllables PA 16 Lesson
Hearing and Blending Onsets and Rhymes - Follow the Path PA 19 and PA 8 Lesson
Hearing Beginning Sounds PA 8 Lesson
Hearing Beginning Sounds PA 9 Lesson
Hearing Ending Sounds PA 10 Lesson
Hearing Ending Sounds PA 11 and PA 4 Lesson
Hearing Rhymes PA 3 Lesson
Unit 1 phonics Grade 1 Lesson 2
Unit 2 Phonics Grade 1 Lesson 3
this program is need to view the websites listed below that have NSB.
Jambav Stories  This website will allow the student to visually see and hear common social skills with animation in a story.  Look for "Ready for our Stories" near the bottom left page.  NSB
Word Play   Click on the word and it will do what it says  NSB
Fuzzy Lion Ears Find the correct letter  NSB
ABC Cow This is a cute game that will allow students to find missing letters in the alphabet.  You have three levels to choose from.
Look Out Below A fun website allowing student to use letters in more than one word. NSB
Alphabet Soup You will find this website to present you with jokes while you find words floating in soap. NSB
Gawains Word Our medieval knights blend words, "joust" for fun. Each joust allows five challengers to go lance-to-lance with a featured knight. NSB
Chicken Stacker Eggs will appear with words on them, and a timer is running! You should click on the egg if the word contains the featured vowel sound. NSB
Flood The library has flooded, and Click needs help getting books back onto the right shelves. Books float by in groups of five, but each shelf only holds three. NSB
Earobics This web page will allow the student to discover many new ways to learn and have fun at the same time.  NSB
Story with photos and sounds 1 These lessons have photos, words and sound.  That will assist the student in not only reading but also what is the proper way to do something.
Story with photos and sounds 2

Story about chewing gum

Story about turning off the lights
Story about getting in line
Story about making my Bed
Story about Recess
Vacuum Cleaner Cleans our Home



Description Lesson