Kindergarten  Skill Builders  All areas of learning

Kindergarten Skill Builders-Interactive Sites

This web page consists of skills that do not necessary fall into any one standard.   You may find the same web page links on different grade levels.  I will update with more websites as often as I can.
Math This website will allow the teacher and student to explore many different areas of learning.


Teaching resources area where you can access a range of teaching and learning materials. By selecting a Key Stage (age range) and then a subject you will be able to browse through the available resources and select those that are of interest.
  1. 3D shapes  Manipulates
  2. Moving shapes 2D and 3D
  3. Finding shapes Trip to a planet
  4. Many shapes different levels fun
  5. Outstanding Manipulate 3D Shapes
  6. 2D and 3D shapes
  7. 3D Shapes and questions
  8. Find matching pairs  Difficult
  9. KINDERGARTEN FUN PAGE  Many great sites to choose from.
  10. ABCya Where Education meets Technology.  Super site covering may areas of learning.  4 Star
  11. Kindergarten - Math examples  Fun with math page  4 Star
  12. Math Builder  - by state standards
  13. Hooda Math   -  You will discover that this site has quite a bit to offer ( Games - Cartoons - Tutorials - Movies  - Worksheets)   4 star
  14. Academic skill Builders  (Math - Language Arts -  Geography)
  15. Website for K - 2   Student interactive  areas covered.
  16. Professor Garfield's web portal.  Great website that covers it all.  Lots of fun and educational.  4 star
  17. Cool-Math-4 Kids-Games   This website is loaded with math games. 4 star
  18. Peep and the Big Wide World The website contains an amazing collection of educational games for the Primary grades.
  19. Math Game Page   This is a truly super webpage that will allow students to play interactive games and learn at the same time. *
  20. How many 10s can you make? - online game
  21. Interactive games   This site will list quite a few games for all grades.
  22. Shape Match - concentration style game
  23. Shape Match - Drag and drop the shape on the correct match.
  24. Order the Numbers -Put hats in numerical order. Higher level thinking required as some numbers are missing and they must pass over those to see what comes next in sequence.
  25. Room 108  This website is loaded with over 400 outstanding games for learning.  The teacher should first go to this site prior to student to know best where ever thing is.  This site covers Math, Science, Social Studies and Language Arts.  So I placed it here.
  26. Bingo Math   visual and good

Measure with your students  4 Star

  1. Measure with Paper Clips    Have your students learn how to measure using paper clips.    
  2. Measure with Inches  
  3. Measure with Pounds
  4. Which tool to measure with
Social Studies
  1. Site for all reasons   You will want to use this site to explore many different ideas. 
  2. The following videos are exceptional, and will present the Pledge of Allegiance in detail and the American Flag.  The videos may require that you download them ahead of time for best viewing depending on your computer system.  

    If you wish to download place the mouse over the video and right click the mouse and then (Save Target As).   We wish to thank the United States Marine Corps, Annapolis Naval Academy, Eric Montgomery and Bobby Doyle for making these videos possible.  The first video is in memory of Eric's brother Brian Montgomery United States Marine Corps, who was killed in action while serving in Iraq.

    1.   Video Pledge of Allegiance Each line is explained in this
              video.  The video is presented by U.S. Marine Lance Corporal  Eric  Montgomery (wmv)

    This next video explains the Symbol for the United States the American Flag.   The video is presented by Lt. Robert Doyle United States Marine Corps.  

    2.     Video  The American Flag   presented by
    Lt. Robert Doyle United States Marine Corps.  

  3. Ben's Guide to Government for kids
  4. Believe in me   Career site for kids ( Use this to works with students to determine what they want to be when they grow up. )
  5.  Smart Board  The Gingerbread lesson was created by two special educators in South Carolina: Jennifer Frazier and Leslie Stevens. Jennifer is an occupational therapist, and has found creative ways to incorporate  SB
  6. The Children's museum - Fun site with many different educational activities for kids.
  1. Color Sorting  using a smart board to show how to sort colors  SB
Language Arts
  1. Language Arts Kindergarten Activities:  Download activities for Students to work at home. 4 Star
  2. Professor Mellon Head   Great Great program covers quite a bit
  3. Literacy many games for students  4  Star
  4. Songs for every occasion.   You will discover listed on this website songs that you my play for your class in both Alpha or Subject search or by lyrics.  Great site must see!   4 Star
  5. Song Sheets  Download professionally produced  for the most popular kids' songs with all the words and appealing illustrations.
  6. Bembo's zoo    A very cute way of learning words and letters using sound.
  7. Between the Lions - stories from PBS Kids
  8. Big Books - read stories online and then answer questions
  9. Children's Storybooks Online - beware of the pop-ups!
  10. Can You Follow Directions? - Tina will give you directions. Click on the pictures in the correct order.
  11. Sequencing Sentences - For beginner readers. By using your mouse, put the words in the sentence in order so Monkey can cross the bridge. You might want to secure some headphones before using this site.
  12.  Between the Lions games
  13.  Little Giraffe's Sentence Practice

  14.  Hear Sight Words

  15. Animals Two by Two Match

  16.  Little Animals Activity Center

  17.  Alphabet, Math, and Vocabulary Games

  18.  Clifford the Big Red Dog

  19.  Sentence Maker

  20.  Pattern Blocks Games

  21.  Primary Games

  22.  The Big Comfy Couch

  23.  R.I.F. Reading Planet Read-Alouds

  24.  Peter Rabbit Activities

  25.  ABC Match from Read Write Think

  26.   What is in the Bag Game

  27.   Beginning Sound and Vowel Sound Games

  28.   Construct a Word

  29.   Word Family Sort

  30.   Book Cover Creator

  31.   Make a Flip Book

  32.   Fractured Fairy Tales

  33.   Friendly Letter Generator

  34.   Make a Stapleless Book

  35.   PlayBox Rhyme Time

  36.   CBeebies Razzledazzle

  37.   National Gallery of Art for Kids

  38.   Game Goo from Earobics

  39.   Seussville

  1. ArtPad is a fun flash-based art activity that students may use to create imaginative art and add a frame to display it in a gallery.

  2. On Line Etch a sketch  This website will allow you to draw on line using the etch a sketch tool.

  3. Tux Paint    This presents students with a blank canvas and an array of drawing tools to help them be creative.  This open-source drawing software includes an easy -to-use interface, fun sound effects and an encouraging cartoon mascot who guides children as they use the program.

  4. Color smart board   This is truly one fantastic smart board lesson allowing students to learn about colors.  A must see in your class.  4 Star