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A Brief, Rough Biography - Dr. Seuss Dr. Seuss Memorial Seussville
Green Eggs and Ham From Here to There Dr. Seuss is Everywhere Learning with Dr. Seuss (several activities) 
The Cat in the Hat Oh, the Places You'll Go The Cat in the Hat Unit
And to Think that I Saw it on Mulberry Street Writing Activity Who's Who & What's What in the Books of Dr. Seuss (157 pages - PDF) Web English Teacher Dr. Seuss Resources
Dr. Seuss Lesson and Printables (K)  Dr. Seuss, A Teacher's Resource One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish Venn  Diagram
Dr. Seuss Scavenger Hunt The Cat in The Hat Cross-curricular Activities for 15 Dr. Seuss Books
NEA Read Across America Hop on Pop - Initial and Final Sounds Dr. Seuss Themes
Dr. Seuss - Featured Author at Carol Hurst's Children's Literature I Can Lick 30 Tigers Today- Lit./Math Lesson   Dr. Seuss/NEA Read Across America
Seussville University Diffendoofer Day! Teacher's Guide Seuss Screen Saver & Wallpaper


Music & Sounds

R-E-A-D                                                 (sung to tune of Y-M-C-A) The Cat in The Hat Diffendoofer Day Song Lyrics
Seuss Graphics Seuss Wavs You're a Mean One, Mr. Grinch (lyrics)



The Cat In the Hat - Connect the dots What did Marco See On Mulberry Street? -Connect the dots Print and color Marco's daydream
Thing 2 Math Sheet Practice your addition Blank Cat's Hat Pattern
Dr. Seuss Goes to Heaven Game Dr. Seuss Printables from ABC Teach Cat in the Hat Connect-the-Dots
Green Eggs and Ham Placemat to Color Grinch Coloring Pages Help the Grinch Get Back to His Cave!
Diffendoofer Word Search Marco Coloring Page Marco Connect the Dots
Printable Hat and Printable Head/Face (Directions) Tic-Tac-Toe From Here to There Dr. Seuss is Everywhere
Pin the Eyebrows on Mr. Lowe Diffendoofer Day Printable Games The Cat in the Hat Craft
Ed Helper Printables Name Tags Make a Bookmark
Dr. Seuss Crafts (doorknob hangers, treat bags, etc.) Dr. Seuss Custom Doorknob Hangers Dr. Seuss Custom Gift Bags
Zowers in showers The Cat's Hat Maze Create Your Own Character - from the Diffendoofer Day
Dr. Seuss Custom Greeting Cards Make a Cat-in-the-Hat Hat  
Green Eggs and Ham Placemat to Color    



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Fun & Games

 Count the Findows in Windows The Lorax's Save the Trees Game Sylvester McBean's Sneetch Belly Game
Which ones are the Same? Zowers in Showers Which One Is Different?
Dr. Seuss Book Quiz Oh Say Can You Say? Horton's Who Hunt
Dr. Seuss Screen Saver & Wallpaper ABC Hide and Seek The Letter B
Diffendoofer: Can You Find? The Ball is Small Mr. Brown Can Hoo!
Find the Animal Grinch Coloring Online Green Eggs & Ham Picture Scramble
Pup in Cup Sneetch Ball Wet Foot, Dry Foot
Green Eggs & Ham Picture Scramble Elephant Ball The Cat's Concentration Game
Online Book Quiz Help Mr. Brown Color Letters Seuss Trivia
Hooray for Diffendoofer Day! Who Said That? The Cat's Concentration Game
The Cat's Concentration Game The Lorax's "Save the Trees" Game Which One Comes Next? (Green Eggs and Ham)




The WWW Grinch Quiz Gerald McBoing Maze Cat in the Hat Online Puzzle
Dr. Seuss's Who's Whoses Dr. Seuss Shockwave Puzzle Dot-to-Dot
Who Said That? Diffendoofer Word Search Which ones are the Same?
Hat Maze Dr. Seuss Puzzle Word Search
Mr. Brown Can Hoo!