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  Demonstrate an understanding of the square and principle square root of whole numbers concretely, pictorially and symbolically.
Squares and Square Roots
Square Root Powerpoints
Square Roots Video
Study Stack
Number Cop
Study Table--Square Roots
Interactive Square Roots
Square Root Game
Square Root Match
Square Root Interactive
Tic Tac Toe Squares
Square Roots Interactive
  Expand and demonstrate understanding of percents
greater than or equal to 0% (including fractional and decimal percents)
concretely, pictorially, and symbolically.
Fraction Model 2
Meaning of Percent
Mission Magnetite
Fraction/Decimal/Percent Model
Percent model
Math at the Mall
Pie chart--decimal percentages
Fraction Pairs
 Demonstrate understanding of rates, ratios, and proportional reasoning
concretely, pictorially, and symbolically.
Thinking Blocks--Ratio 1
Thinking Blocks--Ratio 2   
Total given
Thinking Blocks--Ratio 3
Difference is Known
Thinking Blocks--Ratio 4
Three Parts
Thinking Blocks--Ratio 5
Ratio and Proportion
Ratio Stadium
Figure and Ratio of Area
Ratios in the Kitchen
Orange Juice Proportions
 Demonstrate understanding of multiplying and dividing positive fractions and mixed numbers, concretely, pictorially, and symbolically.
Visual Fractions--Multiplying mixed fractions
Multiplication of Improper Fractions
"Who Wants Pizza?"
"Who Wants Pizza--part 6"
"Dividing Fractions Conceptually" video
Multiplying Fractions video
Fractions Mystery Picture Game
Fraction Bars
 Demonstrate understanding of multiplication and division of integers
concretely, pictorially, and symbolically.
Rectangle Multiplication of Integers
Matching Squares
Tic Tac Go
Grade or No Grade?
Integer Jeopardy
Integers Powerpoints
Negative Numbers Powerpoints
Integer Warp
Multiplying Integers
Multiplying Integers--algetiles
Multiplying Integers--double sided counters

 Demonstrate understanding of linear relations
concretely, pictorially (including graphs), physically, and symbolically.
Line Graph 1
Interactive Linear Graph
Understanding Linear Equations
Algebra Balance Scales
Linear Function Machine
Graph Helper
Lines and Slope
Virtual Algetiles
Function Machine
Line Graph 2
Linear Functions--Make-a-Rule
Linear Functions--Real Life Data (1)
Linear Functions--Real Life Data (2)
  Model and solve problems using linear equations of the form:
ax = b
x = b, a 0clip_image002.png 0 
ax + b = c
x + b = c, a  0clip_image002.png 0
a (x + b) = c
concretely, pictorially, and symbolically,where a, b, and c are integers
Equation Solver
Equation Match
Algebra Four
Algebra Balance Scale
Negative Numbers
  Demonstrate understanding of the Pythagorean Theorem
concretely or pictorially and symbolically and by solving problems.
Pythagorean Theory video
Significance of Pythagorean Theory video
Digital Storytelling of Pythagorus
Squaring the Triangle
Pythagorean Explorer
Pythagorus Theorem 1
Pythagorus Theorem 2
Pythagorean Theorem Powerpoints
Animated Proof of Pythagorean Theorem
Pythagorean Puzzles
Nine Proofs of Pythagorean Theorem


Using Pythagorean Theorem to find Baseball Distance
 Demonstrate understanding of the surface area of 3-D objects
limited to right prisms and cylinders (concretely, pictorially, and symbolically) by:
Analyzing views
Sketching and and constructing 3-D objects, nets, and top, side, and front views
            Generalizing strategies and formulae
Analyzing the effect of orientation
Solving problems.
Exploring Surface Area, Volume and Nets
Exploring Surface Area and Volume video
Surface Area and Volume
Drawing Solids in Plane Views
3-D Twirler
3-D Twirler Activities
Building Solid Houses
Solid Views
Isometric Drawing Tool
Point of View
Rotating Houses
  Demonstrate understanding of volume
limited to right prisms and cylinders (concretely, pictorially, or symbolically) by:
Relating area to volume
Generalizing strategies and formulae
Analyzing the effect of orientation
Solving problems
"Which Popcorn Should I Buy?"
Surface Area and Volume
Volume of a Cylinder Interactive
Volume of a Cylinder
  Demonstrate an understanding of tessellation by:
Explaining the properties of shapes that make tessellating possible
Creating tessellations
Identifying tessellations in the environment.
Learn Pysanky
M.C. Esher
-go to Picture Gallery
Floor Tiles
Design Your Own Tesselation
Tesselate using Pattern Blocks
Tesselation Tool
Let's tesselate!

 Analyze the modes of displaying data and the reasonableness of conclusions.
McGraw Hill Graphs
Modes of Data Display
Probability Play
Create a Graph
Histogram Tool
Box Plotter
Bar Grapher
Pictogram Graph
Histogram Animation
Histogram Interactive
 Demonstrate understanding of the probability of independent events
concretely, pictorially, orally, and symbolically.
Adjustable Spinner
Experimental Probability
Coin Tossing
Let's Make a Deal
Racing Game--one die
Racing Game--two dice
Interactive Spinner
Stick or Switch

Interactive Maths Dictionary
Interactive Math Glossary
Peter Liljedahl's Numeracy Tasks