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Greater than one million
Less than one thousandth
Solving situational questions using technology
Mystery Machine
Place Value Puzzler
(concretely, pictorially, and symbolically) including:
Determining factors and multiples less than 100
Multiples on 100 Chart
Pumpkin Mutliples
Erostothenes' Sieve
Number Factors
Product Game
Divisibility Tips
Interactive 100 Chart
Factor Tree
The Factor Game
Prime Factors
Math Lines X Factor
Factoring PowerPoints
Relating factors and multiples to multiplication and division
Multiplication Game
Multiples on a Carroll Diagram
Granny Prix
Sum Sense--Division
Determining and relating prime and composite numbers
Solving situational questions
Factors and Prime Numbers
Next Prime
Grid Game
Product Game
(excluding exponents) with and without technology.
Matho 2
Correct Operation
Exploring Order of Operations
Sceb4Free Order of Operations
(1-digit whole number multipliers and 1-digit natural number divisors).
Multiplying Decimals PowerPoint
Model of Decimal Multiplication
Decimal Jeopardy
Rounding Off
(limited to whole numbers to 100) concretely, pictorially,and symbolically.
Intorduction to Percents
Comparing Fractions and Percents
Fraction-Percent Balance Scale
Visualizing Percents
Percent Shopping
Percent Paint
Relating Decimals & Percents
Percent Estimation Game
Fractions, Decimals & Percents
Percentage Model
Percent PowerPoints
Mission Magnetite
N6.6  Demonstrate understanding of integers concretely, pictorially, and symbolically.
"Understanding Integers" video
Sea Level Integers
Introducing Integers
Graphing Integers
Builder Ted
One False Move
Train Game
Order of Negative Numbers
concretely, pictorially, and symbolically.
Equivalent Fractions
Flowering Fractions
Aladdin Fraction Game
Fraction Bars
Fractions by Zeebo
Shade In
Convert to Mixed Numbers
Convert to Improper Fractions
All About Ratios
Understanding Ratios
Proportional Ratio
Ratio of Area
Paper Pool
Fish Simulation
Thinking Blocks--Ratio
Ratio PowerPoints
Ratio Stadium
Ratio Blaster
Ratio Martian
Dirt Bike Proportions
Stick Game 1
Stick Game 2
Stick Flipping
Stick Guess

Extend understanding of patterns and relationships in tables of values and graphs.
Divisibility Rules
Input/output Machine
Function Machine
Patterns within Pascal's Triangle
Pascal's Triangle
Constructing Pascal's Triangle
Function Machine 2
Double Function Machine
Frog in the Well
 Extend understanding of preservation of equality
concretely, pictorially, physically, and symbolically.
Number Balance
Shape Balance
Button Beach
Algebra Balance Scale
 Extend understanding of patterns and relationships
by using expressions and equations involving variables.
Variable Expressions
Algebraic Reasoning
Equation Match
Algebra Puzzle

 Demonstrate understanding of angles including:
Identifying examples
Classifying angles
Estimating the measure
Determining the angle measures in degrees
Drawing angles
Applying angle relationships in triangles and quadrilaterals
Measure with a Protractor
Isometric Drawing Tool
Guess the Random Angle
Angle Aliens
Banana Hunt
Angle Activities
Fruit Picker
Golf Angles
Alien Angles 2
Angle Kung Fu
Angle Squirt
Paper Pool
Interior Angles
Tesselations--Tiling Triangles
Interactive Quadrilaterals
Interactive Triangles
Angle Tanks
Sailing Challenge
Angle Sums
 Extend and apply understanding of
perimeter of polygons, area of rectangles, and volume of right rectangular prisms
(concretely, pictorially, and symbolically) including:
Relating volume to area
Comparing perimeter and area
Comparing area and volume
Generalizing strategies and formulae
Analyzing the effect of orientation
Solving situational questions
Length and Area
Perimeter Explorer
Shape Explorer
Standards--Area and Perimeter
Virtual Geoboard
Perimeter and Area
Rectangle:  Perimeter, Area, Length, Width
Interactive Perimeter/Area video
Volume of a Box
Surface Area and Volume
Area and Perimeter PowerPoints
3-D Boxes
 Demonstrate understanding of regular and irregular polygons including:
Classifying types of triangles
Comparing side lengths
Comparing side angles
Differentiating between regular and irregular polygons
Analyzing for congruence.
Classifying Triangles
Triangle Tool
Interactive Triangles 1
Interactive Triangles 2
Look at Polygons
Interactive Shape Maker
Polygons PowerPoints
Polygon Medley
Demonstrate understanding of the first quadrant of the Cartesian plane
and ordered pairs with whole number coordinates.
Simple Plot
SmartBoard Coordinate Plane
Chameleon Chase
Coordinate Game
Billy Bug and His Quest for Grub
Dinosaur Dig
Demonstrate understanding of single, and combinations of, transformations of 2-D shapes
(with and without the use of technology) including:
Interactive Tranformations
Virtual Pattern Blocks
Math Interactive Whiteboard
Geometry 2-D Shapes Transformations
Virtual Tangrams
Alphabet Geometry
Reflect, Rotate and Translate Triangles
Transformation Golf
Transformation Jigsaw Puzzle
Floor Tiles
What is Tiling?

  Extend understanding of data analysis to include:
Line graphs
Graphs of discrete data
Data collection through questionnaires, experiments, data bases, and electronic media
Interpolation and extrapolation
Interactive Line Graph
Archimedes' Line Graph
Create a Graph
Linear Functions
Interpreting Line Graphs
Interactive Line Graph
Interpreting Circle Graphs
Data Collection
Organizing and Classifying Data
Line Graphs
Chars and Graphs Power Points
Statistics Canada Data
Demonstrate understanding of probability by:
Determine sample space
Differentiating between experimental and theoretical probability
Determining the theoretical probability
Determining the experimental probability
Comparing experimental and theoretical probabilities
Experimental Probability
Experimental and Theoretical Probability video
Experimental Probability 2
Virtual Spinner
Box Model
Virtual Spinner 2
Adjustable Spinner
Heads in a Row
Stick or Switch
Let's Make a Deal
Make Predictions
Probability PowerPoints

Interactive Maths Dictionary
Interactive Math Glossary
Peter Liljedahl's Numeracy Tasks