6th Grade  Skill Builders  Fun for all areas of learning

6th grade Skill Builders-Interactive Sites
updated 8/2010

This web page consists of skills that do not necessary fall into any one standard.   You may find the same web page on different grade levels.  I will update with more websites as often as I can.


Teaching resources area where you can access a range of teaching and learning materials. By selecting a Key Stage (age range) and then a subject you will be able to browse through the available resources and select those that are of interest.


Try out this award-winning collection of math games.  You must view this entire website to fully engage your students. (Games-Videos-Word Problems-Much more).


Interactive lessons between Classrooms and or Schools.  You will discover (Spelling-Patterns-Geography-Money) this is a must see site for the 21 Century teacher.  4 Star

This website covers quite a few examples for MathLanguage arts and Social Studies.



  1. Math Moves you!   This site is very engaged and will allow the student and teacher to have fun teaching.  21Century Skills 5 Star
  2. Different levels of Math These sites allow you to cover many different topics.
    1. Math - K
    2. Math - 1
    3. Math - 2
    4. Math - 3
    5. Math - 4
    6. Math - 5
    7. Math - 6
  3. General Math - Web Page with Examples
  4. ThinkFinity   This site will show students many different levels and areas of learning. 4 star
  5. Websites 3 - 6  Student  Interactive sites
  6. I know that     This is a great site for math  4 Star
  7. Sudoku  This a website on line that will allow you to work the puzzle on the computer.  4 Star
  8. Math Game Page   This is a truly super webpage that will allow students to play interactive games and learn at the same time. *
  9. Interactive games   This site will list quite a few games for all grades.
  10. Place Value Pirates - Find the buried treasure of Sir Francis Place Value by using their place value skills to destroy his horrid band of place value pirates
  11. Patterns for Solid Figures - Complete to make a cube figure
  12. Spy Guys Interactive - Decimals - Click Skip Intro, then select Lessons, and then click on Lesson 1 
  13. Spy Guys Interactive - Solving Problems with Decimals - Click Skip Intro, then select Lessons, and then click on Lesson 5
  14. Houghton Mifflin Fourth Grade Review - Test Prep Practice categorized by Chapters in their textbook
  15. BoxerQuiz - This quiz covers important math skills for grades 3 through 5, common to all state and national learning standards.
  16. Brain Teasers - critical thinking skills
  17. SOL Resources
  18. Mrs. Renz's 4th grade math site - Many selections of concepts to review and practice.
  19. Math Quiz    This website will cover many areas of math.
  20. Crack the Code - Find the missing number in a series
  21. Calculate percent - Discover relationships between fractions, percents, and decimals
  22. Using percents - online quiz
  23. Finding a percent of a quantity - online quiz
  24. Percents and Wholes - online quiz
  25. Percent Game - Funbrain site
  26. Word Problems for Kids - Pick your grade level and start solving problems!
  27. Sock Adventures - Fractions/Estimations, Multiplication, Money - Run-away socks put students through critical thinking math exercises.
  28. Room 108  This website is loaded with over 400 outstanding games for learning.  The teacher should first go to this site prior to student to know best where ever thing is.  This site covers Math, Science, Social Studies and Language Arts.  So I placed it here.
  29. Critical thinking word problems   Nice site that will allow you to work on problems.
  30. Math Mayhem  This is an exciting game where you compete against other people on line.  Choose (Addition, Subtraction, Multiply or Division) Super website.  4 Star
  31. Spacey Math  A fast paced arcade-style math game designed to make the drill of practicing math facts more fun. It is divided into addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division with each section being multi-level.  4 Star
  32. Monk  TV series game  This site allows students to practice using the muse and work the computer.
  33. Train Builder (Truly a fun way to play with trains)  Brings out the little boy in us.   I am sure every boy from 6 to 55 will love this site.   5 Star
Social Studies

All sites are a must


  1. American Rhetoric  America's top 100 speeches.  Very good site
  2. Maps and live videos of Earth.    This webpage will be updated as required to allow your students to view the world as we know it today.  You will be pleasantly surprised at how informative and accurate this web page is.
  3. Believe in me   Career site for kids ( Use this to works with students to determine what they want to be when they grow up. )
  4. On line teaching    OH MY here is another outstanding website that will allow you to learn and at the same time have fun doing it.
  5. GeoNet Game  A challenging geography game for children in grades 4 and above. ... Houghton Mifflin Social Studies. Geo Net. You must have JavaScript
  6. Social Studies   Here is another super site, with Labels, clues, maps and more for you to learn and enjoy.
  7. TeacherVision   This is another great site that will turn you on to some different ways of learning.
  8. This is an unbelievable website.  You may login as a visitor and explore many ideas and features.  This is truly a
    5 star site  you must view to appreciate. 
          a.  Click on Enter
          b.  Click Just want to visit
          c.  Click come in and look around visit

  9. The following videos are exceptional, and will present the Pledge of Allegiance in detail and the American Flag.  The videos may require that you download them ahead of time for best viewing depending on your computer system.  

    If you wish to download place the mouse over the video and right click the mouse and then (Save Target As).   We wish to thank the United States Marine Corps, Annapolis Naval Academy, Eric Montgomery and Bobby Doyle for making these videos possible.  The first video is in memory of Eric's brother Brian Montgomery United States Marine Corps, who was killed in action while serving in Iraq.

    1.   Video Pledge of Allegiance Each line is explained in this
              video.  The video is presented by U.S. Marine Lance Corporal  Eric  Montgomery (wmv)

    This next video explains the Symbol for the United States the American Flag.   The video is presented by Lt. Robert Doyle United States Marine Corps.  

    2.     Video  The American Flag  presented by Lt. Robert Doyle United States Marine Corps.    

  10. Map Reading Activities - practice reading maps using compasses, latitude, longtitude and more
  11. Reading Map Symbols - identify symbols with words
  12. Latitude and Longtitude quiz - online quiz that checks answers
  13. How to read a map - Several activities are presented to assist in teaching the concepts of reading maps.
  14. Index of topics and quizzes offered by David J. Leveson at CUNY in Brooklyn, NY
  15. National Atlas of the United States - This site disables the Back button. When you are finished with the National Atlas, close the page to return to i4c.
  16. The Children's museum - Fun site with many different educational activities for kids.
  17. Meet Me at the Corner  MEET ME AT THE CORNER, Virtual Field Trips for Kids takes you to meet fascinating people from all over the world.   4  Star
  18. Don't use said A great teaching resource for looking at alternatives to the word 'said' in written work.
  1. Invention at Play   This site will allow you and the student to use your imagination. 
  2. Wonderville - 3D  This is a great site.  Very engaged learning Note: This site has heavy technology prerequisites. 4 Star
  3. Scientific Website many excellent links.
  4. Fact Monster   This website is updated everyday and it is interactive in many areas of learning.
  5. Wooster Science center  You will find many different areas of science on this website.
  6. Health and Fitness  This site will allow you to find many wonderful concepts in health.  A must for all students and teachers.  Huge Paradigm shift here.  
Language Arts  
Each link below has many examples listed for each area of study
Analogies Synonyms
Antonyms Homophones
Vocabulary Reading Comp
Language Arts Spelling


  1. Conjunction Junction, what's your function? Hooking up words and phrases and clauses. Conjunction Junction, how's that function?
    I got three favorite cars That get most of my job done. Conjunction Junction, what's their function? I got "and", "but", and "or",  They'll get you pretty far.
  2. Fun Brain     This website consists of a serious of games that students may play at all levels.
  3. Compare/Contrast - Online Tutorial and quiz. Pencil and Paper activities can be found at this link.
  4. Stated Information - Online story about elephants and quiz
  5. Stated Information - Online story about dolphins and quiz
  6. Spelling Time    This is a great site to allow your students to take on a whole new meaning of learning how to spell.


  1. Harcourt school publishers    You will discover art illustrations and learning by using a form or Art from paintings to architecture and beyond.  This site is broken down by grades.
  2. Still Life Composer   NGA Kids Still Life Composer helps you to create pictures that are similar to the paintings of famous painters. Experiment with different effects, mixing everyday objects with items borrowed from famous works of art. You can print out your composition.