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Demonstrate an understanding of whole numbers to 1 000 000
within the contexts of place value and the base ten system, and quantity.
How Fast Does Your Heart Beat?  (problem)
Writing Big Numbers
Math Millionaire
Comparing Numbers
Place Value Mystery Number
One False Move
What Do One Million Dots Look Like?
 Analyze models of, develop strategies for, and carry out multiplication of whole numbers.
Thinking Blocks--One-Step Multiplication
Thinking Blocks--Two-Step Multiplication
Thinking Blocks--Three-Step Multiplication
How Long Do I Stand in Line? (problem)
Mental Math Multiplication
Teacher E-workshop video
Rectangle Multiplication
Multiplication Connect Four
Times Tables Game
Times Tables Grid
Place Value Darts
Multiplication Table Applet
 Demonstrate, with and without concrete materials, an understanding of division
(3-digit by 1-digit) and interpret remainders to solve problems.
Rectangle Division
Thinking Blocks--Remainders
Mental Math Division
Soccer Kick
 Develop and apply personal strategies for estimation and computation including:
Front end rounding
Compatible Numbers
Weigh the Wangdoodles
Estimation Valley Golf
Glowla's Estimation Contraption
Estimate Four
Math Live video
Sweet Story
Half Court Rounding
Maximum Capacity
Mental Math Strategy Game
Tic Tac Toe
Estimation PowerPoints
  Demonstrate an understanding of fractions
by using concrete and pictorial representations to:
Create sets of equivalent fractions
Simplifying Fractions
Fraction Scale
Fraction Bars
Fraction Eaters
Fraction Puzzle
Fraction Number Cruncher
Equivalent Fraction Hidden Puzzle
Equivalent Fraction Bars
Equivalent Fraction Tool
Fraction Models
Compare fractions with like and unlike denominators
Fraction Balance Scale
Fraction Bars
Fraction Slider
Fraction Number Line
Dirt Bike Proportions
  Demonstrate an understanding of decimal thousandths by:
Describing and representing
E-workshop Decimal Video
Video on Decimals
Decimal Squares--Beat the Clock
Decimal Number Line
Place Value Pirates
Decimal Numberlines
Platform Scale
Base Ten Blocks--Decimals
Relating to fractions
Fraction Decimal Balance
Fractions/Decimals PowerPoints
Fraction/Decimal Model
Comparing and ordering
Comparing Decimals
Decimal Values
Decimal Squares Concentration
Decimal Squares--Place Value Strategy
Decimal Darts
Builder Ted
Estimate Decimals on Number Line
Decimal PowerPoints
Demonstrate an understanding of addition and subtraction of decimals
(limited to thousandths).
Base Ten Decimals
Super Sequencer
Decimal Squares--Rope Tug
Fix the Railroad Tracks
Adding Decimals
Subtracting Decimals Basketball
Decimal Squares BlackJack
Sock 'Em
Making Change
Cash Out Canada

 Represent, analyze, and apply patterns using mathematical language and notation.
Square Maker
Interactive 100 Square
Patterns PowerPoints
 Write, solve and verify solutions of single-variable, one-step equations
with whole number coefficients and whole number solutions.
Part-Whole Models (2 parts)
Part-Whole Models (3 parts)
Let's Compare
Two Part Comparisons
Change--Two Steps
Multiplication Models--1 step
Multiplication Models--2 steps
Hoops--One-Step Equations
Can You Balance?
Number Balance
Shape Balance
Button Beach Challenge

  Design and construct different rectangle
given either perimeter or area, or both (whole numbers), and draw conclusions.
Does Bigger Perimeter Mean Bigger Area?
Area and Perimeter of a Rectangle
Area and Perimeter PowerPoints
Virtual Geoboard
  Demonstrate understanding of measuring length (mm) by:
Selecting and justifying referents for the unit mm
Modeling and describing the relationship between mm, cm, and m units.
Measuring Length (15 cm ruler)
Measuring Length (30 cm ruler)
Decide the Distance
Division Decisions
Measuring Length
Length Measurements
Measure It
Taking Measures
  Demonstrate understanding of volume by:
Selecting and justifying referents for cm3 and m3
Estimating volume by using referents for cm3 and m3
Measuring and recording volume for cm3 and m3
Constructing rectangular prisms for a given volume
Interactive Volume Maker
123 Online Game
Isometric Drawing Tool
  Demonstrate understanding of capacity by:
Describing the relationship between mL and L
Selecting and justifying referents for mL and L
Estimating volume by using referents for mL and L
Measuring and recording volume for mL and L
Decanting Puzzle
Measuring Capacity
Measuring Capacity Game
Class Capacity
 Describe and provide examples of edges and faces of 3-D objects and sides of  2-D shapes that are:
Platonic Solids
Play with Prisms
Identify and sort quadrilaterals, including:
Rhombuses, according to their attributes
Quadrilateral Quest
Virtual Geoboard
Shape Sort
Interactive Quadrilaterals
 Identify, create and analyze single transformations of 2-D shapes
(with and without the use of technology)
Virtual Pattern Blocks
Replica Using Transformations
Transformation Nets
Algebraic Transformations
Frieze Patterns
Interactive Tangrams
Tangram Game
ABC Ya! Tangrams
Cyberchase Tangrams
Virtual Pattern Blocks
Interactive Pentominoes #1
Interactive Pentominoes #2
Reflective/Translation Symmetry
Reflective Symmetry Game
Rotational Symmetry

  Differentiate between first-hand and second-hand data.
Statistics Canada
Saskatchewan Bureau of Statistics
Saskatchewan Weather Office
Olympic Database
  Construct and interpret double bar graphs to draw conclusions.
Graph Maker 1
Multi-Bar Graph Maker
Double Bar Graph Maker 1
Double Bar Graph Maker 2
  Describe, compare, predict, and test the likelihood of outcomes in probability situations.
Finding Probability
Heads or Tails
Virtual Spinner
What's in Santa's Sack?
Chase Me!
Coin Tossing
Stick or Switch
Fish Tank

Interactive Maths Dictionary
Interactive Math Glossary