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N4.1 Demonstrate an understanding of whole numbers to 10 000
(concretely, pictorially, physically, orally, in writing and symbolically) by:
Representing (including place value)
Virtual Base Ten Blocks
Partitioning Numbers
Place Value Scramble
Standard Notation
Estimating with referents
Comparing two numbers
Ordering three or more numbers
Estimate Number Line
Golf Game
Greater Than/Less Than
One False Move
N4.2  Demonstrate an understanding of addition of whole numbers
with answers to 10 000 and their corresponding subtractions (limited to 3 and 4-digit numerals) by:
Using personal strategies for adding and subtracting
Estimating sums and differences
Solving problems using addition and subtraction
Estimating Sums of 10
Addition to 10 000
Add Like Mad (1)
Tic Tac Toe
Add Like Mad (2)
Subtraction Action
N4.3  Demonstrate an understanding of multiplication of whole numbers
(limited to numbers less than or equal to 10) by:
Applying mental mathematics strategies
Explaining the results of multiplying 0 and 1.
Mental Math
Times Tables Game
Math Stax
Multiplication Facts
Balloon Invaders
Multiplication Station
Connect Four
Missions Times Tables
Missing Digits
Math Magician
Camel Times Tables
Digit Work Out
Farm Game
Tables Tester
Car Wash
Granny Prix
Missing Numbers
Tractor Tug Team Multiplication
Grand Prix Multiplication
N4.4  Demonstrate an understanding of multiplication
(2- or 3- digit by 1-digit) by:
Using personal strategies for multiplication, with or without concrete materials
Using arrays to represent multiplication
Connecting concrete representations to symbolic representations
Estimating products
          Solving problems.
Batter's Up Baseball
Large Number Multiplication
Tables Tester
Rectangle Multiplication
Array Display
Calculation Balance
Thinking Blocks
Two-Step Thinking Blocks
Katie's Baseball
Grand Slam Math
Math Playground Problem Database
Number Nut
Making Arrays Activity
Array Maker
Multiplication Table Applet
N4.5  Demonstrate an understanding of division
(1-digit divisor and up to 2-digit dividend) to solve problems by:
Using personal strategies for dividing with and without materials
Estimating quotients
Explaining the results by dividing by 1
Solving problems involving division of whole numbers
Relating division to multiplication.
Rectangle Division
Long Division video
Division Machine
Division Facts
Target Quotient
Calculation Balance
Thinking Blocks
Max and Mollie's Division Mine
Grand Slam Math
Partitive Division Model
Sum Sense--Division
Hit the Answer
Demolition Division
Division Derby
N4.6  Demonstrate understanding of fractions
less than or equal to one by using concrete and pictoral representations to:
Name and record fractions for parts of a whole or set
Illustrated Fractions
Interactive Fraction Maker
Fraction Flags
Cross the River
Match the Fraction to the Model
Visual Fractions--Line
Fraction Bars
Interactive Fraction Pieces

Part/ Whole /Part
Fractions - Sharing Parts

Benchmarking for a Whole
Compare and order fractions
Model and explain that for different wholes,
two identical fractions may not represent the same quantity
Provide examples of where fractions are used.
Fraction Balance Scale
Compare Fractions
Fractions Side by Side
Fraction Strips
Fraction videos
Fraction Number Line
Interactive Fraction Recipes

Ordering Fractions
Fraction Models (Area)
Fraction Models (Length)
Fraction Models (Parts of a Set)
Fraction Comparison Soccer
N4.7  Demonstrate an understanding of decimal numbers
in tenths and hundredths (pictorially, orally, in writing, and symbolically) by:
Relating to fractions
Decimal Number Lines
Decimal Detectives
Decimal Challenge
Decimal Number Line Tool
Estimate decimals on number line
Decimal Scale
Decimal video
Decimal Base Ten
Beat the Clock
Decimal Fraction Balance Scale
Decimal Squares
Hundred Chart Decimals
Decimal Jeopardy
Decimal Darts
Awards Ceremony
N4.8  Demonstrate an understanding of addition and subtraction of decimals
limited to hundredths (concretely, pictorially, and symbolically) by:
Using compatible numbers
Estimating sums and differences
Using mental math strategies
Solving problems.
Base 10 Decimal Add/Subtract
Decimal Tug-o-war
Decimal Squares BlackJack
Fix the Railroad Tracks
Cash Out Canada
Making Change
Laser Beams

P4.1  Demonstrate an understanding of patterns and relations by:
Identifying and describing patterns and relations on a chart, table or diagram
Reproducing patterns and relations in a chart, table or diagram using manipulatives
Creating charts, tables or diagrams to represent patterns and relations
Solving problems involving patterns and relations.
Interactive 100 Square
Interactive Number Grid
Are You Superstitious?
Patterns in the Calendar
Weigh It Up
Diagonal Differences
Sieve of Erasthanes
Number Pan Balance
Interactive 100 Chart (1)
Interactive 100 Chart (2)
Interactive 1000 Chart
P4.2  Demonstrate understanding of equality involving symbols
to represent an unknown value by:
Writing an equation to represent a problem
Solving one step equations
Pan Balance (1)
Shape Pan Balance
Balance Beam
Button Beach Challenge
Integer Bars
One Step Equations
One Step Equations--Add or Subtract
Hoop Shoot--one-step equations

SS4.1  Demonstrate understanding of time by:
Reading and recording time using digital and analog clocks
(including 24 hour clocks)
Analog and Digital Clocks
Match the time on the clocks
What Time Will It Be?
Interactive Analog Clock
Time for Time
Class Clock
Online Stopwatch
Google Time Chart
24 Hour Clock (1)
World Clock (1)
Digital Time Match
24 Hour Clock (2)
World Clock (2)
Digital Clocks
Comparing Analog Clocks
Correct Time
Reading and recording calendar dates in a variety of formats.
Interactive Calendar
Picture Fact Calendar
Just In Time
Make Your Own Calendar
SS4.2  Demonstrate understanding of area or regular and irregular 2-D shapes by:
Recognizing that area is measured in square units
Selecting and justifying referents for the units cm2 and m2
Estimating area using referents for cm2 and m2
Determining and recording area (cm2 and m2)
Constructing different rectangles for a given area (cm2 and m2) in order
to demonstrate that many different rectangles may have the same area.
Shape Explorer
Shape Builder
Japanese Mat Problem
Area Explorer
Airline Builder
Irregular Shapes--Area
Patch Tool
Interactive Geoboard
SS4.3  Demonstrate an understanding of rectangular and triangular prisms by:
Identifying common attributes
Constructing models.
3-D Prisms
Platonic Prisms
SS4.3  Demonstrate an understanding of line symmetry by:
Identifying symmetrical 2-D shapes
Creating symmetrical 2-D shapes
Drawing one or more lines of symmetry in a 2-D shape.
Line Symmetry Video
Problem--How Would You Hang This Sign?
Symmetry Sort
Symmetry Game
Symmetrical Geometry
Lucky Star
Symmetry Maker (1)
Virtual Pinboard
Symmetry Maker (2)
Draw On an Egg
Egg Symmetry
Symmetry on a Grid

SP4.1  Demonstrate understanding of many-to-one correspondence by:
Comparing correspondences on graphs
Justifying the use of many-to-one correspondence
Interpreting data shown using many-to-one correspondence
Creating bar graphs and pictographs using many-to-one correspondence.
Interactive Bar Graph
Create a Graph
Bar Grapher
Number Cruncher
Representing Data
Interpreting Data
Overview of a bar graph
Parts of a Graph
Alien Snail Race
Insect Survey
Interactive Graph Maker
Transport Survey

Interactive Maths Dictionary
Interactive Math Glossary

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