2 - Patterns and Relations Strand               3 - Shape and Space Strand              4 - Statistics and Probability

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N2.1 Demonstrate an understanding of whole numbers to 100
(concretely, pictorially, physically, orally, in writing and symbolically) by:
 Representing (including place value)
Virtual Base Ten Blocks
Shark Numbers
Post Letter
Dino Place Value
Chunking Numbers
Interactive Base 10
Mend the Number Square
Splat Square Numbers
Describing Numbers on 100 Chart
Virtual Counting Stick
Place Value Calculator
Place Value Number Cards
100 Hunt
Hidden Number Square
  Skip counting
Interactive 100 Chart
Number Line
Super Sequencer
Counter Square
Figure This! Problem
Whack a Mole
Interactive Number Line #1
Techno Turtoise
Interactive Number Line #2
Interactive Number Line #3
Differentiating between odd and even numbers
Wash on the Line
Odd or Even
The Dragon's Egg

Estimating with referents
More or Less Estimator
Guess the Number
Estimate Number Line
Estimating Bees
Hen House
Estimating Marbles
Estimating Crayons
Comparing two numbers
Ordering three or more numbers
Comparison Estimator
Compare Numbers
Number System
Number Track
N2.2 Demonstrate an understanding of addition (limited to 1 and 2-digit numerals)
with answers to 100 and corresponding subtraction by:
Representing strategies for adding and subtracting concretely, pictorially, and symbolically
Base Ten Addition
Base Ten Subtraction
Addition Surprise
Can You Balance?
Doubles Testing Machine
Brilliant Beadstring
Counting Machine
Number Line Boxes
Soccer Subtraction
Interactive Number Line
Whale Bonds of Ten
10 Plus
Ten Frame
Addition Speed Grid
Subtraction Speed Grid
How Many More Soothers?
Adding Two-Digit Numbers
Alien Addition
Alien Addition #2
Creating and solving problems involving addition and subtraction
Thinking Blocks--Whole/Part
Water Slide Addition
Scooby Doo Addition
Subtraction Machine
Addition Machine
Fill and Pour
Simple Scales
Math Lines of 10
Using personal strategies for adding and subtracting with and without the support of manipulatives
Add It Up
Digit Work Out
Button Beach
Four Digit Sequencer
Octopus 10 More
Mummy Number Lines
Count on Convict
Take Away Targets
Dice Snap
Target Sum
Analyzing the effect of the ordering of the quantities (addends, minuends, and subtrahends)
in addition and subtraction statements.
Part/Whole Models
Fling the Teacher--Missing Addends
Number Sentences
Fishy Numbers
Inverse Relationships
Making Calculations

P2.1 Demonstrate an understanding of repeating patterns (three to five elements) by:
Copy Cat Jack
Behind the Blob
Attribute Trains
Virtual Pattern Blocks
Representing patterns in alternate modes
Pattern Generator
Unifix Drumming
Pattern Block Rock
Representing Patterns
Creating patterns using manipulatives, pictures, sounds, and actions.
Virtual Pattern Blocks
Making Patterns
Music with Fraction Bars
Unifix Drumming
P2.2 Demonstrate an understanding of increasing patterns by:
Increasing Patterns with Math Bars
Interactive Pattern Blocks
Growing Patterns
How Does My Pattern Grow?
Representing patterns in alternate modes
Problem:  How Does My Money Grow?
Simon Says
Growing Patterns with Tiles
Pattern Block Rock
Creating patterns using manipulatives, pictures, sounds, and actions (numbers to 100).
Virtual Pattern Blocks
Pascal's Triangle
Pattern Block Activities
Virtual Calculator
P2.3 Demonstrate an understanding of equality and inequality
concretely and pictorially (0 to 100) by:
Relating equality and inequality to balance
Comparing sets
Recording equalities using an equal sign
Recording inequalities with a not equal sign
Solving problems involving equality and inequality
Shapes Pan Balance
Numbers Pan Balance
Can You Balance It?
Can You Balance?

SS2.1 Demonstrate an understanding of non-standard units for linear measurement by:
Describing the choice and appropriate use of non-standard units
Fraction Bars
Turtle Pond
Ladybug Leaf
Ladybug Maze
Fly Catcher
Compass Points and Grid Directions
Controlling Round a Route
Comparing and analyzing measurements.
Sleuths on the Loose
Time to Move
Measure Teddy
Virtual Geoboard
SS2.2 Demonstrate an understanding of non-standard units for measurement of mass by:
Describing the choice and appropriate use of non-standard units
Comparing and analyzing measurements.
SeeSaw Balance
Shape Pan Balance
Weighing Coins
Simple Scales
Coin Problem
Balancing Animals with Weights
Estimating Animal Weights
SS2.3  Describe, compare, and construct 3-D objects, including:
Buried Objects in the Sand
Geometric Solids
Platonic Solids
Block Building
SS2.4  Describe, compare, and construct 2-D shapes, including:
Virtual Geoboard
Interactive Tangrams
Shape Sort
Shape Quiz
Virtual Pinboard
Shape Inlay
Guess the Shape
Buzzing with Shapes
Architect Blocks
Shape Maker
SS2.5 Demonstrate an understanding of the relationship between 2-D shapes and 3-D objects.
Geometric Solids
Matching Pairs--Solids
Platonic Solids
Cube Maker
Shapes in Solids

SP2.1 Demonstrate an understanding of concrete graphs and pictographs.
Pictogram graph
Farm Animal Pictograph
Quizzer Pictogram
Making a Pictogram
Birthday Pictogram
How I Get to School Pictogram
Favorite Snack Pictogram
Bear Pictogram

Interactive Maths Dictionary
Interactive Math Glossary
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2 - Patterns and Relations Strand     3 - Shape and Space Strand      4 - Statistics and Probability