Tools  to  assist   Teachers

More tools and videos will be added as time permits.  You only need to check back!

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Creating Folders & Uploading  and downloading documents

Snipping Tool

This video will show where and how to use this tool to copy and paste.

Video - 1


Screen Recorder
 Screen Cast-O- Matic

How to install this software on your computer and it is FREE
Hint this can be used to make a video of your power Point for Open house.



Video -1


Smart Recorder in Smart Board Software

Smart Recorder   If you have a smart board and are using Smart notebook you have the smart recorder on your computer.  This a free add on to your software.  FREE
Hint this can be used to make a video of your power Point for Open house.

Video -1

Website to count Characters - Letters and words counts for your paper (Click here)

The Free Dictionary

Use this free dictionary to look up word definitions, thesaurus, idioms, and how to pronounce words plus much more.

Convert PDF to Doc

This site will allow you to convert a pdf to a word document allowing you to edit the file.  Just follow the 4 steps.  Your converted file will be sent to your email from where you may down load it.




This web site will allow you to upload and down load from anywhere in the world.  You are limited to 2Gig.  Almost replaces a Flash Drive. If you do not use Google Docs then you may use Drop box.  You may use both if interested or in need of both.

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Open House

Directions for creating a Power Point for Meet the Teacher or Open House for Office 2010 make adjustments for newer and older Office.

Video - 1  Creating a Folder
Video - 2  Storing documents in the folder
Video - 3  Creating 3D buttons - Hyperlink
Video - 4  Photos and Special Affects
Video - 5  Adding Music and Sound
Video - 6 Transitions - Looping - Timing
    Creating a Collage in Power Point Video - 1  Office 2010
Video - 2  Office 2007
Video - 3  Office 2007


Some Commands for a Mac in PDF format (Click Here) Video -1   25 Basic Mac Keyboard Shortcuts  15 Minutes
Video -2   Mac Tutorial: First Time Mac User  21 MINUTES
Website for Commands use for Mac Computers Video -3   Mac Office: How to Use Microsoft Word // Basic Tutorial {2015} 14 MINUTES
      Video -4   Learn the Mac In Under An Hour   53 MINUTES