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 Grade 1 Math Websites


 Say the number sequence, 0 to 100, by:
1s forward and backward between two given number
Spooky Sequence
Splat Square
Give the Dog a Bone
100 Chart
Count Along to 100
Dot to Dot
Chevron Cars
Mend the Number Game
Interactive 100 Square
Interactive 100 chart
2s to 20, forward starting at 0
Ant Parade
Free Count
Counter Machine
Skip Counting by 2
5s and 10s to 100, starting at 0
Partitioning Numbers
Counting Machine
Skip Counting by 5
Skip Counting by 10
Interactive Number Line
Grouping and Grazing
Recognize, at a glance, and name familiar arrangements
of 1 to 10 objects, dots, and pictures
Count the Chickens
Number Nut Memory Game
Ten Frame
Bears Memory Game
Count the Marbles
Marble Sort
Number Balloons
Interactive Counters
Okta's Rescue
How many bubbles are under the shell?
Identify Numbers--Power of Ten
Make Numbers--Power of Ten
"What's my number?--Power of Ten
Demonstrate an understanding of counting by:
Indicating the last number said identifies “how many?”
 Showing that any set has only one count using the counting on strategy
 Using parts or equal groups to count sets.
Bears Memory Game
Addem Counting
Base Ten
Counting Fish
  Represent and describe whole numbers to  20
concretely, pictorially, and symbolically.
Reveal Number
Base Ten Blocks
Interactive Number Line
Ten Frame
Make a Number
Interactive Base 10
Power of Ten--ten frames

Brilliant Beadstring
Compare sets containing up to 20 elements to solve problems using:
Referents (known quantity)
One-to-one correspondence.
Who Has More/Less Bugs?
Interactive Dot Stamps
Interactive Linking Cubes Stamps
Saxon Math
Comparing Number Values
 Estimate quantities to 20 using referents.
Estimate on Number Line
Estimate to nearest ten
Estimate to 40
Estimating powerpoints
Demonstrate concretely, physically, and pictorially, how whole numbers can be represented by a variety of equal groupings with and without singles.
Interactive Animal Stamps
Interactive Linking Cube Stamps
Brilliant Beadstring
Power of Ten--ten frame
 Identify the number, up to 20,
that is one more, one less, two more,
one less, and two less than a given number.
ABC Ya! Addition
Soccer Ball Stamps
Addition Facts
Base 10 Addition
One More Giraffe
Sausage Game--One Less
Ladybug Spots
Bees to Flowers
 Demonstrate an understanding of
addition of numbers with answers to 20
and the corresponding subtraction facts,
concretely, pictorially, physically,and symbolically by:
Using familiar and mathematical language to describe additive and subtractive actions from their experience
Creating and solving problems in context that involve
addition and subtraction
Snakes and Ladders
Find A Friend
Sum Stacker
Ten Frame
Addition Stories
Adding Bees
Frog Game
How Many More Crayons?
How Many More Soothers?
Kitten Match
Jet Ski Addition
Island Chase Subtraction
How many bubbles are under the shell?
Adding Five--Power of Ten
Adding Eight--Power of Ten
Adding Nine--Power of Ten
Minus One--Power of Ten
Minus Two--Power of Ten
Minus Five--Power of Ten
Minus Eight--Power of Ten
Minus Nine--Power of Ten
Modeling addition and subtraction
using a variety of concrete and visual representations,
and recording the process symbolically.
Count on Me
Base 10 Addition
Base 10 Subtraction
Number Line Hopping
   Describe and use mental mathematics strategies (memorization not intended) such as:
Counting on and back
Base 10 Blocks
Animal Stampers
Ten Frame
Bears & Dice Game
Mental Math Snap
Skip Counting
Making 10
Ten Frame
BT Bear Makes 10
Number Bonds to 10
Sums to 10
Ladybug Spots Total
Flying Parrots
Whale Bonds of 10
Near Doubles
Ten Frame
Doubles & Doubles + 1
Matching Doubles
Doubles/Mental Math
Robin Hood Doubles
Space Jumps
Adding Dice
Domino Sort Doubles
Dinosaur Dentist
Fact Worms
Using addition and subtraction to determine basic addition facts to 18 and related subtraction facts.
Dr. Brain's Robot
Tom & Jerry Addition
Total Spies Subtraction
Subtraction Stories
Addition Stories
Making Connections


  Demonstrate an understanding of repeating patterns (two to four elements) by:
Creating patterns using manipulatives, diagrams, sounds and actions.
Bobbie Bear
Attribute Train
Online Pattern Blocks
Virtual Pattern Blocks
Weather Patterns
Beadstring Patterns
Piano Patterns
Patterns Using Birds
Patterns Using Shapes
Pictures Using Shapes
Repeating Patterns
Rock the Pattern
 Translate repeating patterns from one form of representation to another.
Translating Patterns
NLVM--Bead Patterns
Unifix Drum Machine
Pattern Block Rock
  Describe equality as a balance and inequality as an imbalance, concretely, physically, and pictorially (0 to 20).
  Record equalities using the equal sign.
Shape Pan Balance
Number Pan Balance
Can You Balance?
Weigh It Up
Sharing Out Frogs

 Demonstrate an understanding of measurement as a process of comparing by:
Identifying attributes that can be compared
Ordering objects.
Making statements of comparison
SeeSaw Logic
2-D and 3-D Shapes
Buzz Game
Shifting 3-D Shapes
Shape Labels
Shape Rules
Size Ordering
Stacking the Sleigh
Comparing Jungle Animals (length)
Comparing Jungle Animals (height)
Animal Weight Labels
Estimating Animal Weight
Shape Attributes
Shape Grabber
Fill up the Jug
  Sort 3-D objects and 2-D shapes using one attribute, and explain the sorting rule.
Shape Sorter
Sort the Shapes
Geometric Solids
Explore 3-D Objects
Sort the Shapes (2)
Activity Times
3-D Object Sorter
  Replicate composite 2-D shapes and 3-D objects.
Buried Objects
Tangram Puzzle
Tangram Game
 Compare 2-D shapes to parts of 3-D objects in the environment.
Pictures 4 Learning
Twirler Activities
Patch Tool
Astronomy Shape Match
Positioning Shapes

Interactive Maths Dictionary
Interactive Math Glossary