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Animal classes
Variations in living things
Animal unit
Animal lesson plan
Animal planet
Animal concentration
Animal Information
Zoo animals
Safari school
Build a story
Word search
Color your world
Kids planet
All About Animals
Kratt's Creatures  
Interactive Jungle
Egg Cam - watch chicks hatch


Exploring the earth
Earth observatory
Recycling Game




Seed Cycles  
Plant Builder Game  
Growing plants
Plant Parts Salad
Plants & animals
Watch plants grow
My first garden
Kids gardening
Earth day
Exploring plants
Inside a seed
Plants & projects
Design a Garden  
The Adventures of Herman (worm)

The Sky

I know the solar system
Space Tour
Star Child
Cloud Dream


Forces & motion
Pushes and pulls
Balance & motion


Classifying Matter

Classifying matter unit
Changing state
Solids, Liquids & Gases
Sorting Games  
Sorting material
Describing Matter
Properties 1  
Properties 2
5 senses
Teaching the 5 senses

Other Science Stuff:

Cool science
Create your Adventure (Good group activity/Smartboard)
Grade 1 Science Resources  
Living Things  
Plants & Animals All Around Videos & More
Build a Fish
Science Clips  
A Walk in the Woods